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7 Abstinence During Menstruation to Get Rid of Discomfort

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7 Abstinence During Menstruation to Get Rid of Discomfort
7 Abstinence During Menstruation to Get Rid of Discomfort

When menstruating, women often experience mood and emotional changes due to the influence of hormonal changes that occur in their bodies. This condition can make some women feel uncomfortable. To overcome this, there are some taboos during menstruation that should be avoided during menstruation

In addition to affecting mood and emotions, hormonal changes that occur during menstruation can make a woman gain weight and lose appetite. As a result, women who are menstruating can become uncomfortable with the environment around them, even with themselves.

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Various Abstinences during Menstruation

Then what to do? The following are some taboos during menstruation that can be a guide so that you stay comfortable during menstruation:

  • Letting yourself be controlled by negative emotions

    As explained above, hormonal changes and discomfort during menstruation can trigger a bad mood during menstruation. But don't let these negative emotions get the better of you. If possible, withdraw from situations or conversations that are stressing you out. Do things that make you feel comfortable, such as listening to music, reading or resting.

  • Quiting the habit of exercising

    Some women may feel weak when they are going to exercise during menstruation. In fact, hormonal changes have no effect on your physique.If done regularly, sports activities such as cycling, running, or just walking, can actually help reduce menstrual pain. Plus, exercising helps you sleep better.

  • Drinking alcoholic beverages

    During ovulation, the body's progesterone level increases, which can increase the effects of alcohol. This condition is at risk of disrupting your sleep. In addition to alcohol, you should avoid drinks that contain caffeine, such as tea, chocolate, and coffee. This is done to prevent drastic mood changes that can interfere with daily activities.

  • Sexual intercourse

    Although it is not prohibited, but having sex during menstruation is also not recommended because it increases the risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV. In addition, although the probability is very small, women who have sex during menstruation still have a chance to get pregnant, because sperm can live in a woman's body for seven days.If you still decide to have sex, you should use a condom as a safeguard.

  • Eating carelessly

    When there are hormonal changes during menstruation, women tend to eat large amounts of food. Actually it doesn't matter, as long as you keep an eye on the calories and nutritional content. To maintain he alth and comfort during menstruation, it is recommended to eat he althy foods rich in fiber, such as vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds or whole grains.

  • Lazy to change sanitary napkins

    Changing sanitary napkins periodically during menstruation is mandatory. Try to change pads every 3-6 hours, or adjusted to the volume of menstrual blood and your activities. In addition to preventing leakage, changing pads prevents the proliferation of bacteria and prevents bad odors. It is recommended to change pads more often, while exercising.

  • Full activities without rest

    When menstruating, try to always maintain physical condition and get enough rest in the midst of daily activities. Because, doing solid activities to lack of sleep during menstruation can certainly cause you to be very tired. In addition, the pain in the muscles and cramps that are often felt during menstruation can get worse. So, try to always get enough rest.

After knowing the taboos during menstruation above, you can apply them to reduce the discomfort you experience. That way, the menstrual period becomes more comfortable and is no longer an obstacle to activities.

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