Various Benefits of Adult Diapers You Need to Know

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Various Benefits of Adult Diapers You Need to Know
Various Benefits of Adult Diapers You Need to Know

Adult diapers have a number of benefits, especially for adults with certain medical conditions, making it difficult to control the urge to urinate or defecate

Adult diapers are most often used to help someone who has difficulty holding urination or defecation due to certain he alth conditions. This diaper can be a solution to keep activities running smoothly and free from worry because urine or feces contaminates clothes or other equipment.

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Types of Urinary Disorders

Difficulty holding urine or urinary incontinence can make it difficult for sufferers to carry out daily activities. Several conditions that can increase the risk of urinary incontinence include advanced age, overweight, disorders of the nerves that regulate urinary function, and diabetes.

Several medical conditions can also cause urinary incontinence, including stroke, Parkinson's disease, urinary stones, prostate enlargement, and prostate cancer.

Some types of urinary disorders that can occur are:

  • Urine comes out when sneezing, coughing, laughing, or lifting heavy weights.
  • Frequent urge to urinate, including at night. This can occur due to medical disorders such as infections, neurological disorders, or diabetes.
  • Unnoticed urination because the bladder is not completely empty.

Difficulty holding urine can also occur temporarily, for example when consuming drinks, foods, vitamins, or drugs that are diuretics. Diuretics means stimulating the formation of urine in the kidneys to reduce fluid circulating in the body.

Types of intake that are diuretics include tea, coffee, soda, citrus (citrus fruits), large doses of vitamin C, spicy or acidic foods, and blood pressure-lowering drugs, heart medications, and tranquilizers.

People with dementia and fecal incontinence can also take advantage of adult diapers. Especially for women, other factors such as pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause, can also increase the risk of difficulty holding urine.

The Benefits of Adult Diapers and Tips for Choosing Them

Adult diapers are specially designed to absorb leakage of urine, collect feces from soiling clothes, and protect skin from urine seepage to keep it dry.

The shape of adult diapers is generally the same as disposable baby diapers, only that the size is adjusted to the adult body.

On the market there are two types of adult diapers, namely:

  • Pants diaper, which is in the form of pants that can be worn directly with an elastic band at the waist.
  • Adhesive diapers, which have adhesive on the side, so they can be adjusted according to hip size.

You can choose adult diapers according to your needs. For example, if the user can still stand, pants diapers can be an option because the way they are worn is like wearing ordinary underwear. But if the user can only lie down, use adhesive diapers because they are easier to fit in this position.

Large and thick adult diapers can absorb more urine, but are more difficult to remove and less comfortable to wear. If the urine that comes out tends to be a little, choose the shape that is more tips and lighter.

Avoid wearing adult diapers that are too tight as this prevents airflow and makes the diaper easy to moisten.

How to Wear Adult Diapers

For the use of adult diapers for the elderly or people who cannot take care of themselves, there are a few things to note.

First, before using adult diapers, wash your hands and wear gloves to protect yourself from exposure to urine or feces.

After that, open the diaper while lifting the patient's hips, after the diaper is removed, roll the diaper and wrap it in a plastic bag so that dirt and urine don't contaminate the bed, then throw the diaper into the trash.

Don't forget to clean the patient's buttocks, lower abdomen, and groin from the remaining dirt or urine, then apply moisturizer before putting on the adult diaper again. Don't forget to wash your hands after you finish putting on adult diapers.

In addition, pay attention to the duration of use. Urine that stays on the skin for too long can disrupt the pH level, making the skin more susceptible to fungal infections.

Just like babies who often experience diaper rash, adult diapers can also trigger the same thing. Therefore, change the diaper as soon as it gets wet to prevent rashes from forming.

Adult diapers can help the wearer avoid discomfort due to uncontrollable urination, so that activities continue to run smoothly. But make sure to use adult diapers as recommended, to avoid diaper rash.

If you feel you have a disease that causes urinary problems, consult a doctor to get the right treatment.

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