Safe Tips for Taking Newborns Outside the Home

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Safe Tips for Taking Newborns Outside the Home
Safe Tips for Taking Newborns Outside the Home

Many parents feel worried when they want to take their newborns out of the house. Even though as long as it's done in a safe way, you don't need to be afraid to take your little one to see the outside world

Newborn babies should be kept away from everything that can make them sick, including germs, viruses, and pollution, such as cigarette smoke or vehicle fumes. Many causes of this disease are found outside the home, especially in public places.

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Even so, it doesn't mean that newborns have to stay at home. It would be very good for the baby if he was taken outside to breathe fresh air outside, and feel the exposure to the morning sun which can stimulate the formation of vitamin D in his body.

Tips for Taking Newborns Out of the House

Follow the following tips to keep your little one safe when invited out of the house:

Protect her skin from sun exposure

Although it is beneficial, exposure to the sun has the risk of damaging the newborn's skin which is still very smooth and thin. So, it is recommended to protect the skin with closed clothes, put a hood on the stroller, or use an umbrella when going outside.

If your little one is 6 months old and over, you can apply sunscreen to his body. However, if your little one is not yet 6 months old, you should first consult the doctor about using sunscreen.

Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 that is specially formulated for babies, and free of harmful chemicals. To avoid irritation, look for sunscreens that contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as much as possible.

Apply sunscreen about 15-30 minutes before taking your little one out of the house, even if the weather is cloudy. Reapply at least every 2 hours to ensure your little one's skin is perfectly protected from the sun.

Choose comfortable and suitable clothes for the baby

Don't overdo it and push your style too much in choosing clothes for your little one. Choose clothes that make him feel comfortable according to the weather and the temperature outside.

For example, when the air is hot, avoid wearing your little one with thick and tightly closed clothes and pants when out of the house. Because basically, babies get hot more easily than adults.

Simply wear clothes made of thin, soft, and easy to absorb sweat. Also choose brightly colored clothes to avoid mosquitoes.

On the other hand, when the rainy season comes and the air temperature tends to be cold, choose clothes that make your little one feel warm. Baby blankets can be a practical choice to keep them warm when the weather is cold.

If you want to take your little one out of the house for more than an hour, make sure you bring a change of clothes and various necessities, such as diapers, wet wipes, and milk.

Limit meeting with crowds

Taking a newborn to the park or somewhere less crowded is probably nothing to worry about, as long as the place is clean. But if you intend to take your little one to a crowded place, such as a mall, restaurant, or cinema, you should reconsider.

This is because the newborn's immune system is still weak, so the bacteria that are spread when other people cough or sneeze near the little one are very likely to attack his body.

Unless your little one is 2-3 months old. At this age, the baby's immune system is stronger to fight the bacteria that cause infection. Even so, when someone wants to hold or touch your little one before washing their hands, don't hesitate to stop them.

Bringing a baby out of the house is okay and can provide benefits, as long as you pay attention to the things above. But if your little one is sick, for example, fever, diarrhea, or a cold cough, you should consult a doctor first before taking him outside.

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