Recognizing the Causes of a Dry Throat and How to Overcome It

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Recognizing the Causes of a Dry Throat and How to Overcome It
Recognizing the Causes of a Dry Throat and How to Overcome It

Dry throat can interfere with daily activities. Talking will feel quite sick and awry. Immediately find out the cause so that you can deal with it properly

Dry throat is often accompanied by itching or pain in the throat. This condition may be a symptom of a throat or mouth disorder. Two conditions associated with a dry throat are laryngitis and dry mouth.

Recognize the Causes of a Dry Throat and How to Overcome It - Alodokter

Conditions That Cause a Dry Throat

Below are two types of diseases that can cause a dry feeling in the throat:


This condition most often causes a dry throat accompanied by hoarseness and itching. Laryngitis is inflammation of the vocal cords that occurs due to excessive use of the vocal cords or due to infection.

There are two types of laryngitis which are distinguished by the time span of the onset of symptoms, namely:

  • Long-term (chronic) laryngitis, which is generally caused by cigarette smoke, drinking alcohol, allergies, or stomach acid irritation
  • Short-term (acute) laryngitis which is generally caused by bacterial and viral infections, such as Streptococcus bacteria or the Corona virus which is currently endemic

When you have laryngitis, you will generally feel symptoms in the form of a dry and sore throat, hoarse voice, persistent itching in the throat, or a dry cough.To overcome this condition, people with laryngitis will usually be given corticosteroid drugs or antibiotics (if the cause is a bacterial infection) according to the doctor's advice.

In addition, you can also do several treatments independently at home, namely drinking mineral water, inhaling an inhaler containing menthol, gargling with warm s alt water, and consuming mint candy or lozenges (throat lozenges). It is recommended not to smoke and rest your voice.

Dry mouth

In addition to laryngitis, dry mouth can also be the cause of a dry throat. This condition occurs when the salivary glands do not produce enough saliva. Generally, dry mouth occurs when a person is dehydrated, has nerve damage in the head or neck area, smokes, takes certain drugs, or suffers from certain diseases.

Symptoms of dry mouth include constant thirst, dry throat, sores at the corners of the mouth, chapped lips, disturbances in the sense of taste, difficulty chewing, sore throat, and a rough, dry, and red tongue.

To overcome the problem of dry mouth, you can chew sugar-free or low-sugar gum to increase salivation, drink mineral water, keep the air moist in the bedroom so that the respiratory tract does not dry out, and breathe through the nose, not through the mouth.

If the above methods don't work for a dry throat, you should consult a doctor. The doctor will provide treatment according to the cause.

For example, if it is caused by radiotherapy treatment, the doctor may give pilocarpine. If it is caused by the consumption of certain drugs, the doctor will reduce the dose of the drug or replace it with another drug. If dry mouth is caused by a blockage in the nose, the doctor will prescribe a decongestant.

A dry throat can go awry. You will have difficulty speaking, as well as swallowing food and drink.If the complaints continue to bother you, consult your doctor to find out the cause of your dry throat, so that it can be treated in the right way.

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