Tricks to Overcome Your Little One's Addiction to Dots

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Tricks to Overcome Your Little One's Addiction to Dots
Tricks to Overcome Your Little One's Addiction to Dots

The child's habit of sucking a pacifier or pacifier until the age of a toddler is claimed to have a bad impact on his he alth. To prevent this, Mom and Dad are recommended to keep your little one away from the pacifier since he is 6 months old. However, some children may find it difficult to keep their favorite pacifier away

Medically, stopping your little one's habit of using a pacifier continuously can reduce the risk of getting an ear infection. Some experts also think that pacing can risk making your little one talk late.

Tricks to Overcome Your Little One's Addiction to Pacifiers - Alodokter

The reason is because sucking a pacifier is thought to make the mouth and jaw shape abnormal. This condition will make it difficult to develop the muscles of the tongue and lips normally.

In addition, your little one may be lazy to practice speaking if there is a pacifier in his mouth. In some cases, pacing too often can cause your child to be unable to pronounce 'hissing' words, such as s, sh, or z.

However, the exact relationship between sucking habits and speech disorders in children is still controversial and needs to be investigated further.

Apply This Way So Your Little One Takes Off The Pacifier

It may be difficult to stop your little one's habit of sucking, especially those who are toddlers or have been used to it since infancy. This can make your little one more fussy when not sucking on a pacifier.But as parents, Mom and Dad, don't give up on weaning your little one from the pacifier, okay?

So that your little one wants to take off the pacifier, try the following tips and tricks:

1. Limit the habit

If previously your little one always sucked on a pacifier all the time, then Mom and Dad can try to limit his habit. This effort can be done by allowing your little one to suckle only during the day and night.

2. Divert his attention

If your little one wants to suckle at certain times, for example when they are bored, try to distract them with something interesting. Mom and Dad can invite him to play, read fairy tales, or do things he likes.

3. Calm the Little One in another way

Ngempeng can indeed make your little one calm. Well, if he's starting to look restless, try to calm him down.Calm your little one by asking him how he is feeling, then you can caress, hug and kiss him. But still avoid giving your little one a pacifier if he whines for it, okay.

4. Apply forbidden time

If your little one is used to not sucking a pacifier, especially outside of bedtime, now is the time for Mom and Dad to apply the forbidden time for sucking. Try not to allow your little one to suckle during naps.

Once he has started to get used to not sucking during a nap, Mom and Dad can apply it at night.

5. Remove or remove dot

Make a plan or strategy when your little one wants a pacifier. Mom and Dad can pretend they've lost a pacifier when he or she asks for a pacifier. Let your little one know that their favorite pacifier is gone and don't buy it back.

6. Scissors dot

Cut the pacifier when your little one sleeps and show it to the little one when he wakes up. Tell him that the pacifier is damaged and can no longer be used. Then, give an explanation that from now on your little one should not whine for a pacifier because the pacifier can no longer be used.

Oh yeah, if Mom and Dad intend to wean your little one from the pacifier, make sure the conditions or situation at home are normal. Don't wean your little one when they're stressed, they've just moved house, or when you've just had another child.

If this happens, then giving a pacifier is actually recommended to help the little one to be calmer.

In addition, make sure all family members know that your little one is undergoing the weaning process from the pacifier so that the treatment for him can be uniform, while not confusing him.

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