Knowing the function of a wheelchair and how to choose the right one

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Knowing the function of a wheelchair and how to choose the right one
Knowing the function of a wheelchair and how to choose the right one

The function of a wheelchair is very important for someone who has long-term mobility limitations. However, in order to fully support the activities of its users, the selection of the type of wheelchair must be in accordance with the conditions they have

Wheelchair is one of the tools that is often used by people with disabilities or anyone who has limited mobility, either due to injury, genetic factors, or age.

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However, to get the maximum benefit, the selection of a wheelchair should not be arbitrary and it is necessary to consult a doctor first. That way, later the doctor will consider and recommend the type of wheelchair according to your condition.

Wheelchair Function

It has been explained previously that the function of a wheelchair is to assist the mobility of a person who is impaired or unable to walk due to illness, injury, or age. The use of a wheelchair also depends on the mobility impairment experienced by the sufferer, either temporary or permanent.

Some of the he alth conditions that are generally recommended to require a wheelchair, include:

  • Having a broken bone or injury to a leg or leg
  • Experiencing paralysis, for example due to stroke, cerebral palsy, or polio
  • Having an amputation in the leg
  • Has trouble with balance or gait, including not being able to walk long distances
  • Experiencing problems or disorders in the muscles and bones in the legs or feet

With this assistive device, a person who has paralysis or weakness can still move towards the destination.

Tips for Choosing a Wheelchair

To determine the right wheelchair, users must consider their own condition and the environment in which they live. There are several guidelines for choosing a wheelchair that need to be considered, namely:

  • Intensity of wheelchair use, whether used permanently or only occasionally.
  • Consider choosing a manual or electric wheelchair. Manual wheelchairs are usually cheaper than electric wheelchairs.
  • Make sure the wheelchair you use feels comfortable when sitting on it and doesn't hurt when moving your body.
  • Make sure that the seat and shoulder backrests match your body size, and that all parts of the wheelchair are functioning properly.

The function of the wheelchair is very helpful for users who have mobility impairments. For those of you who want to use a wheelchair due to certain conditions, you should first consult a doctor to get the right recommendation.

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