This is the Effect of Chemical Castration on Men

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This is the Effect of Chemical Castration on Men
This is the Effect of Chemical Castration on Men

Chemical castration has become a topic of discussion among the public after the decision that regulates the implementation of chemical castration on male perpetrators of child sex crimes was passed. To find out more about the effects of chemical castration on men, see the explanation in this article

The implementation of chemical castration in Indonesia is stated in Government Regulation No. 70 of 2020 concerning Procedures for the Implementation of Chemical Castration, Installation of Electronic Detection Devices, Rehabilitation, and Announcement of the Identity of Perpetrators of Sexual Violence against Children.

This is the effect of chemical castration on men - Alodokter

The regulation specifically increases the previous pen alty sanctions and is accompanied by a rehabilitation policy and the installation of electronic detection devices immediately after child sexual offenders are released from prison.

Electronic detection devices used can be electronic bracelets or similar devices. The detection device will be installed for approximately 2 years.

Regarding rehabilitation, this is done as an effort to restore the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual conditions of the perpetrators so that they are able to carry out normal daily life activities. Perpetrators will be given psychiatric, social, and medical rehabilitation measures.

Chemical Castration Can Reduce Sexual Desire

In the chemical castration procedure, there is no surgical removal of one of the reproductive organs as in physical castration. Chemical castration is carried out by giving substances or drugs, usually in the form of injections, to reduce sexual desire and function of perpetrators of child sexual abuse.

The use of drugs used for chemical castration actually has benefits as hormonal therapy for certain diseases, such as prostate cancer.

How Chemical Castration Works on the Body of Sexual Offenders

Chemical castration works by reducing testosterone levels in the male body, which is the main hormone that produces desire and sexual function.

Several studies have shown that male sexual abusers have higher sex hormones (androgens) or testosterone, which makes it difficult for them to control their sexual appetite.

This is one of the reasons why chemical castration is imposed as a punishment for perpetrators of child sexual abuse.

In addition to giving drugs to reduce the amount of testosterone, the perpetrators of child sexual abuse will also undergo psychotherapy to control their sexual desires.

Long Term Effects of Chemical Castration on Men

Chemical castration is generally done by injecting drugs gradually. Several types of drugs that can be used for chemical castration are:

  • Medroxyprogesterone acetate
  • Cyproterone acetate
  • Agonist Lutenizing Hormone Releasing Hormone (LHRH)

Three types of drugs are known to lower testosterone and estradiol levels. Estradiol itself is an estrogen hormone that can affect bone strength, heart he alth, and brain function.

This shows a relationship between chemical castration and several diseases, such as osteoporosis, heart disease, and diabetes. Not only that, chemical castration can also have other effects, such as:

  • Infertility
  • Sensation of heat, sweating, and heart palpitations (hot flashes)
  • Anemia
  • Depression

In addition, chemical castration can also increase the risk of breast enlargement in men, known as gynecomastia. The longer chemical castration is carried out, the risk of side effects will also increase.

In addition to chemical castration, psychotherapy also needs to be carried out on perpetrators of sexual crimes against children in order to prevent the perpetrator's actions from happening again.

Sexual crime is a social problem that needs attention from all levels of society. Not only the role of the authorities and the government, the alert attitude of parents is also important in protecting children from sexual harassment.

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