Various Conditions That Need to be Treated with Speech Therapy

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Various Conditions That Need to be Treated with Speech Therapy
Various Conditions That Need to be Treated with Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is needed when the child has speech impediments that are not appropriate for his age. This therapy aims to improve the ability to speak and understand and express language

In addition to verbal language, speech therapy also includes nonverbal forms of language. To optimize this method, speech therapy will include two things.

Various Conditions that Need to be Treated with Speech Therapy - Alodokter

The first thing is to optimize the coordination of the mouth to be able to produce sounds to form words. This oral exercise is also important so that children are able to make sentences, including the ability in articulation, fluency, and adjusting the volume of the voice.

The second thing that will be developed is language understanding and efforts to express language.

Not only aimed at speech disorders or understanding language, speech therapy is also used to help treat other conditions such as swallowing disorders.

Communication Disorders That Require Speech Therapy

Basically, communication disorders that require speech therapy are disorders related to the child's speech ability. The following are types of speech disorders that may require speech therapy:

1. Impaired speech fluency of children

One of the conditions included in this type of disorder is stuttering. This disorder can be in the form of repetition of syllables or speech that stops at certain letters.

2. Articulation disorders

When you have an articulation disorder, your child will have difficulty producing sounds or pronouncing certain syllables clearly. These two conditions cause the listener to be unable to understand what he is saying.

3. Voice ambiguity or resonance

This type of disturbance can cause discomfort or pain that occurs when the child speaks. This condition is usually characterized by disturbances in the volume or blurring of the sound that comes out. This disorder makes the interlocutor unable to understand the child's words clearly.

In addition to disorders related to pronunciation, speech therapy may also be needed by children who have problems receiving and understanding the other person's words and expressing language. Disorders of this type include:

1. Vocabulary disorders

In this condition, children will have difficulty placing words to form sentences and have difficulty placing words correctly in a conversation. This disorder is caused by the low number of vocabulary children have and.

2. Cognitive impairment

One of the indications for undergoing speech therapy is experiencing disturbances in cognitive abilities. This difficulty affects the ability to distinguish, organize, and solve the problems he faces.

In addition, children also have difficulty communicating due to memory, attention, and perception disorders. In addition to speech therapy, cognitive disorders in children also need to be evaluated by child development experts.

3. Autism

Speech therapy may also be needed by children with autism disorders. Autism has the potential to make sufferers experience speech and nonverbal communication disorders. If this is the case, then speech therapy could play an important role in the treatment of autism.

4. Mutism

Mutism is a condition in which a child who can speak normally in a place (for example at home), but when at school or in public places, the child does not want to talk to other people at all.

There are several possible causes, such as feeling embarrassed, anxious, or because you don't like socializing with other people. This condition is called selective mutism. This condition can be corrected with psychotherapy, as well as speech therapy.

5. Difficulty understanding or processing language

Speech therapy is needed when children have difficulty understanding what others are saying, simple commands, and responding to other people's speech.

In addition to overcoming language disorders, this therapy can also be applied to children with certain diseases, such as dysphagia. Dysphagia is a disorder when chewing, swallowing, coughing when eating, choking when eating, and difficulty managing food.

In order not to be late, speech therapy should be done as early as possible when the child has difficulty speaking. Don't hesitate to take your child to the doctor if he can't say a simple word by 12 months or if he has other problems with his growth and development.

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