This is the Key to Happiness at Home and Office for Working Mothers

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This is the Key to Happiness at Home and Office for Working Mothers
This is the Key to Happiness at Home and Office for Working Mothers

Currently, many women decide to pursue a career while taking care of the household. If you are one of them, 'tired' is definitely a word that often comes out of your mouth. However, don't be discouraged, OK! Come on, do these tips so that you are always happy at home and at work

Being a housewife who also works is not easy. You have to put in extra effort so as not to lose your role as a mother at home, while maintaining professionalism in the office.

This is the Key to Happiness at Home and Office for Working Mothers - Alodokter
This is the Key to Happiness at Home and Office for Working Mothers - Alodokter

But with determination, passion, and determination in carrying out commitments as a mother, it is not impossible to be able to achieve happiness and success in living the role of a career woman and a housewife.

Apply This To Always Be Happy

The hectic activity, whether at home or at work, can make you often feel tired, sleepy, and stressed. In order not to experience further stress because you have to divide your time between home and work, consider the following tips:

1. Use time wisely

The key so that you can stay happy even though you have a lot of routines is to manage your time wisely. You must be able to sort out what is important and make priorities in your life.

If you have already determined these priorities, make the best use of your time both with your family and at the office. If possible, try not to bring your office work home.

2. Stay away from guilt

Not a few mothers feel guilty because they have to spend time at the office, and not with their husbands and children at home. Instead of keeping these negative feelings, try to increase the spirit of working again. And remind yourself that the income earned through work is also to support happiness and provide for the needs of the family at home.

3. Pour out your heart

If you have friends who are living the same life as you, you can share the problems you are experiencing or you can exchange stories with the community of working mothers.

It can at least lighten the emotional burden and make you stronger because you don't feel alone. Don't worry, because many women can do this double role successfully, really.

You can exchange experiences and ask for tips from those who can successfully live life as working women and stay-at-home mothers.

4. Get enough sleep

Sufficient sleep is very useful for maintaining he alth, making your mind clearer, improving mood, and providing the energy you need while working.

So, no matter how busy your day is, don't let your body rest at night. Make sure you get quality sleep, and try to go to bed or wake up at the same time every day, including on weekends or holidays. That way, your body will get used to it.

In addition, while at the office, use the break time to eat and take a short nap. Even though it's short (10-30 minutes), naps can make you more energetic and focused, you know!

5. Take time to communicate with family

With advances in technology, now you can take the time to make video calls with children at home. Try doing this when you're not busy at work, or when you're taking a break. This can make you excited again to work in the office.

6. Take some time to pamper yourself

In between your time as a housewife and a career woman, take time to pamper yourself. Use this time to do things that make your heart happy or do things you don't have time to do during your busy time. Examples are reading your favorite novel, watching a movie, or taking a yoga class.

Oia, you can also use the weekend to go to the salon, spa, or have fun with your family. You can use this time to go to an amusement park, mall, zoo, eat at a restaurant, or go on a trip out of town.

Come on, cheer up! Don't forget to apply the tips above, so that you can go through double work as a housewife as well as an office worker.