Shhh, Never Say These 9 Things to Pregnant Women

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Shhh, Never Say These 9 Things to Pregnant Women
Shhh, Never Say These 9 Things to Pregnant Women

Various changes that occur in pregnancy can make pregnant women feel more sensitive. It's natural for pregnant women to be more easily angry, sad, or offended by various words addressed to her

Feelings of sensitive pregnant women can occur due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. This disrupts the neurotransmitters that control mood. In addition, stress, fatigue, and changes in body metabolism can also be other causes for the emergence of sensitive feelings in pregnant women.

Shhh, Never Say These 9 Things to a Pregnant Mother! - Alodokter
Shhh, Never Say These 9 Things to a Pregnant Mother! - Alodokter

Sentences to Avoid when Talking to Pregnant Women

Keeping one's words true is something that you have to get used to, especially in front of pregnant women who often have mixed feelings. Instead of making small talk, you can actually offend him.

Here are some things you shouldn't say to pregnant women:

1. How come your body is so fat?

Most women are probably already stressed enough to see their bodies getting bigger during pregnancy. The sentence above will only add to the burden on his mind, damage his confidence, and make him feel inferior.

Weight gain is a natural thing that happens in pregnancy. It is needed for the development of the baby in the womb. So, instead of saying these words with negative connotations, it is better to help pregnant women not to worry too much about changes in their body shape.

2. Your face is dull, huh

If his face looks dull due to fatigue or not wearing make-up, then you don't need to emphasize it. Pregnant women actually know, how come, that her appearance may not be as usual, but now there are more things that become her priority, than paying attention to how she looks in front of you.

Just understand her condition by not discussing her appearance. Instead, you can make her feel happy by saying, "For a pregnant woman, you're still much prettier, aren't you."

3. Looks like your body is too skinny

This sentence gives the impression that you are commenting on the he alth of the baby in the womb who is not getting enough nutrition, because it was conceived by a thin pregnant woman.

If you see that you are too skinny for a pregnant woman, be careful in expressing your concerns. Even if you mean well, don't let your presentation sound judgmental.

4. Are you pregnant again? Conceded, huh?

You may be surprised when you see a friend who has two bodies back, even though her child is still a baby. However, you should refrain from expressing your surprise.

5. Pregnant women can't eat and drink this

Just keep it in your mind that pregnant women will definitely check their womb to the doctor. One of the things that he definitely consults with his doctor is the issue of food and drink that may or may not be consumed.

6. Are you planning to give your baby breast milk?

Actually this is none of your business. Just trust him that he already knows what is best for his baby. However, if he asks your opinion on this matter, you can convey information to the best of your knowledge and advise him to confirm this with the doctor.

7. Giving birth is very painful, you know

Most women are probably afraid to hear the word giving birth. Therefore, do not say things that can make him afraid to go through the birth process. It will only stress and worry too much.

Instead of saying scary things, you can give him information or articles that discuss tips and tricks during childbirth.

8. You're too old to get pregnant

You never know the reason why she just got pregnant at that age. Maybe she's not ready to be a parent or maybe she's having a hard time getting pregnant.

So, avoid these words or chats that refer to the dangers of pregnancy in old age. When she got pregnant at that age, she probably already knew the consequences and already got an explanation from the doctor.

9. You haven't given birth yet?

If she has gone through 9 months but still hasn't given birth, don't ask this question. Understand, in a condition like this he may have been stressed because he hasn't seen any signs of birth yet.

Instead of asking questions that make him even more anxious, you can ask him how he's doing or if there's anything you can do to help.

During pregnancy, the emotional condition of pregnant women becomes unstable due to the hormonal changes they experience and the various things they face. Come on, help pregnant women by avoiding sentences that can worsen their emotional state and replace them with positive sentences that can encourage them.