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Various Types of Shortness of Breath for Asthma Patients

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Various Types of Shortness of Breath for Asthma Patients
Various Types of Shortness of Breath for Asthma Patients

Using shortness of breath is one way to prevent asthma attacks and relieve symptoms when they recur. The use of shortness of breath drugs in asthmatics varies, depending on the needs and conditions of the patient

There are two types of shortness of breath drugs for asthma, namely shortness of breath drugs that prevent asthma symptoms and shortness of breath drugs that can work quickly to relieve breathing when an asthma attack occurs. These two types of drugs consist of several types with their respective forms and uses.

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Drugs for Shortness of Breath to Prevent Asthma Symptoms (controller)

Drugs for shortness of breath to prevent asthma symptoms, or also known as long-term asthma medications, need to be used regularly every day.

The use of this asthma medication aims to reduce the frequency of asthma attacks and the severity of the accompanying symptoms. The following are some types of long-term asthma medications:

1. Corticosteroids

Corticosteroids are long-term asthma medications that are considered the most effective for controlling symptoms and reducing the frequency of asthma attacks. This asthma drug works by reducing inflammation in the respiratory tract.

Depending on the condition of the asthmatic, corticosteroid drugs can be used within a matter of weeks or even months until asthma is well controlled.

2. Long-acting beta-agonist

Slow-acting beta agonists are bronchodilator drugs that can prevent asthma symptoms by keeping the airways open for at least 12 hours.

Although they can help prevent asthma attacks, slow-acting beta agonists can't reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract like corticosteroid drugs.

Therefore, this asthma drug is usually used as a companion or complement to corticosteroid drugs in order to work better.

3. Leukotriene modifiers (leukotriene modifiers)

This asthma drug is able to reduce the frequency of asthma symptoms by inhibiting the performance of leukotrienes, which are chemical compounds in the body's immune system that can cause inflammation and narrowing of the respiratory tract.

Leukotriene modifiers can prevent asthma attacks well and even their effects can last for 24 hours. Not only that, this drug is also available in the form of swallowed and chewable tablets.

However, leukotriene modifiers should be used with caution because of the risk of side effects on the sufferer, ranging from feelings of restlessness, hallucinations, to even suicidal thoughts.

Shortness of Breath for Asthma Quick Reaction (reliever)

Quick reaction shortness of breath drugs, also known as short-acting asthma medications, are used to relieve breathing during a flare-up of asthma. The following are some types of fast-acting asthma medications:

1. Short-acting beta-agonist

Like beta agonists used long term, fast-acting beta agonists also belong to the class of bronchodilator drugs.

However, this type of beta agonist can relieve the respiratory tract very quickly, so that various complaints when an asthma attack occurs can also subside in a faster time as well.

2. Ipratropium

Ipratropium is a drug that is often prescribed for people with chronic bronchitis and emphysema. However, it can also be used to relieve symptoms of an asthma attack.

Ipratropium is able to relax the muscles around the respiratory tract that tighten when asthma flares up, so that people with asthma can breathe smoothly again.

3. Corticosteroids

In addition to reducing the frequency of asthma attacks, corticosteroid drugs can also be used to treat asthma that is relapsing quickly. The difference between the two lies in the form of the corticosteroid drug and the dose given.

Corticosteroids that are used to relieve asthma symptoms are not only available in the form of inhaled drugs, but also tablets, capsules, and syrups. The dose used will also be higher than the dose of corticosteroid for long-term use.

Although it can prevent asthma relapse and treat the accompanying symptoms, it is still necessary to take the right asthma medication and use it under the supervision of a doctor, so that it is safe and in accordance with the asthma condition you are suffering from.

In addition, to keep asthma under control, you also need to live a he althy lifestyle, such as eating nutritious foods, quitting smoking, avoiding exposure to air pollution, and managing stress.

However, if the asthma condition worsens and the shortness of breath medication used is no longer able to cope with the asthma symptoms that appear, you need to immediately consult a doctor for further examination and treatment.

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