6 Benefits of Chamomile Tea for He alth

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6 Benefits of Chamomile Tea for He alth
6 Benefits of Chamomile Tea for He alth

The he alth benefits of chamomile tea have been known for thousands of years. Thanks to these benefits, chamomile tea has been used for generations as a herbal remedy to treat various he alth problems

Chamomile tea is made from the flower extract of the chamomile plant (Matricaria recuita) which comes from Europe. This type of tea is included in caffeine-free tea which is quite popular and in great demand. Not only because of its sweet taste and fragrant aroma, chamomile tea can also provide many benefits for the body.

6 He alth Benefits of Chamomile Tea
6 He alth Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Various Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Most of the benefits of chamomile tea are thought to come from the active compounds in it, such as azolin, bisabolol, apigenin, and luteolin. Thanks to these ingredients, chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and even anti-cancer properties.

The following are some of the benefits of chamomile tea that you can get by consuming it:

1. Improve sleep quality

Chamomile tea is one of the most widely used alternative therapies to improve sleep quality, prolong sleep, and treat insomnia.

Therefore, for those of you who often experience insomnia or insomnia, try to drink a cup of chamomile tea every day.

Several studies have shown that chamomile tea can have a calming effect on the body and relieve anxiety, so it can induce drowsiness. This effect is known to come from the substance apigenin in it which works like a sedative.

However, these effects may be temporary or even ineffective, especially in people who have trouble sleeping due to certain he alth problems, such as depression, bipolar disorder, sleep apnea, or hyperthyroidism.

2. Relieves flu symptoms

Symptoms of the common cold, such as nasal congestion and headaches, can make you feel uncomfortable during activities or even sleeping. Well, to relieve the symptoms, you can try drinking warm chamomile tea.

The anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile tea are able to reduce symptoms and support the recovery process when you have a cold.

3. Maintain a he althy digestive system

Chamomile tea has been used in traditional medicine to prevent and treat various digestive problems, especially diarrhea, heartburn, and nausea.

The benefits of chamomile tea are thought to come from its anti-inflammatory effect which can reduce acidity in the stomach and inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause stomach ulcers. In addition, chamomile tea can also soothe the stomach and relax the digestive muscles so it is good to consume when you are nauseous.

4. Relieves menstrual pain

Chamomile tea is often used to reduce the symptoms of menstrual pain, including stomach cramps. In addition, several studies have also stated that drinking chamomile tea can reduce anxiety that occurs during menstrual periods.

You can get both of these properties thanks to the content of azolin which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-pain, and bisabolol which can provide a calming effect.

5. Control blood sugar levels

Drinking chamomile tea can also lower blood sugar levels, especially for diabetics.

This benefit is supported by many studies showing that people who consume chamomile tea daily after meals have significantly lower sugar levels compared to people who drink water. In addition, this tea also has the potential to prevent spikes in blood sugar after eating.

In addition to its good effect on blood sugar, research on this benefit still needs to be developed to determine its safety and effectiveness as a diabetes therapy. In addition, chamomile tea should be consumed 1 hour after eating so that the absorption of iron from food is not disturbed.

6. Inhibits the growth of cancer cells

Chamomile tea is known to have anticancer and antioxidant properties that can reduce inflammation and inhibit the growth of several types of cancer cells, such as breast cancer, digestive tract cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, uterine cancer, and thyroid cancer.

However, the benefits of chamomile tea cannot replace medical cancer treatments, such as surgery or chemotherapy. Until now, further research is still needed to prove the benefits of chamomile tea as an effective cancer drug.

In addition to the various benefits above, chamomile tea is also known to maintain bone density, lower cholesterol, and reduce the risk of heart disease. Products containing chamomile extract, such as ointments and gels, can also be used to treat hemorrhoids.

Although it is generally safe for consumption, there are some conditions that require some people to be more careful in consuming chamomile tea, namely children, pregnant and lactating women, and people suffering from liver or kidney disease.

To be safer and get the maximum benefits of chamomile tea, you should first consult your doctor before regularly consuming chamomile tea as a medicine to treat certain diseases.