Divorce Is Not Always The Perfect Solution

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Divorce Is Not Always The Perfect Solution
Divorce Is Not Always The Perfect Solution

The divorce process is often chosen to solve problems that are present in the household. However, this is not always the best solution. Before you and your partner decide to divorce, you should first consider the various consequences that can occur

A he althy marriage can generally have a positive impact on a person's physical and mental he alth. However, if domestic life is no longer ideal, some couples sometimes decide to divorce. Even so, the decision is not easy and needs to be considered carefully.

Divorce is not always the perfect solution - Alodokter
Divorce is not always the perfect solution - Alodokter

Various Considerations Before Deciding on Divorce

Couples who decide to divorce are generally based on several reasons, such as financial problems, infidelity, poor communication, domestic violence, or life goals that are no longer the same.

However, there are several things that you and your partner need to consider before deciding to divorce, namely:

Problems during the divorce process

According to research, divorce can have a negative impact on a person's physical and mental he alth, such as stress, anxiety disorders, depression, and social isolation. However, the impact may vary depending on each person's personality and situation.

In addition to conflict with your partner, you must also be prepared to face other problems that may arise during the divorce process, such as fighting over child custody or sharing of property.

Therefore, you need to remember that if you divorce later, you and your partner will be as fair as possible in reaching an agreement and responsibility for child custody and distribution of assets.

Children's development is disturbed

Not only for adults, divorce often affects the life and development of children. According to a study, divorce can increase the risk of children suffering from mental illness due to psychological stress, such as anxiety disorders, deviant behavior, and poor academic performance.

Therefore, if you decide to divorce later, you and your partner are advised to continue to work together in nurturing and giving your little one optimal love and attention so that he or she still feels comfortable and not lonely.

Avoid making him choose one of his parents and fight and vilify his partner in front of the child, so that the Little One will not be pressured to relate to his parents.

Although difficult, divorce is not always synonymous with heartbreaking bitter decisions. There are times when this decision to divorce is the right step so that you can end a toxic relationship with your partner and be happier.

However, before you decide to go through with a divorce, you should think again whether your relationship with your partner really can't be saved. If you are having trouble, try to consult your problem and your partner to a psychologist or consultant who specializes in dealing with this problem.