4 Things Husbands Need to Know when Accompanying Wife in Labor

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4 Things Husbands Need to Know when Accompanying Wife in Labor
4 Things Husbands Need to Know when Accompanying Wife in Labor

As an alert husband, you certainly want to accompany your wife when she is in labor, and witness the birth of your beloved baby, right? The following things you need to know to be better prepared when accompanying your wife in childbirth

Your role as a birth attendant is very important, especially for your wife whose feelings are mixed during childbirth. By being a companion, your wife will feel physical and emotional support.

Things Your Husband Needs To Do

Overall, labor can take up to 10–20 hours. This may seem long, especially if your wife is experiencing it for the first time. Generally, the delivery process can be faster if the wife has given birth normally.

According to research, birth attendants who can carry out their roles well tend to be able to facilitate the delivery process. So, so that you can be a good birth attendant for your wife, let's know the following 4 things:

1. Know the delivery method your wife will undergo

Long before delivery, you should know what delivery plans your wife might go through.

You can start to learn what your wife will face in the labor process and find out what she needs later during delivery. This can make it easier for you to make decisions that your wife needs during labor.

You also need to learn about the delivery method and the general birth process before delivery arrives. You can do this by reading some articles about pregnancy and accompanying your wife when she checks out at the obstetrician.

2. Learn ways to make it more comfortable during labor

The labor process can make your wife feel various discomforts. To reduce it, you can start learning how to massage your wife's body. Usually, massage on the lower back or on the shoulders will make the wife more comfortable during labor.

Learn also how to relax and breathe properly, so you can guide her during labor. In addition, you can also wipe his sweat or compress him to make him feel more comfortable.

3. Prepare to be a decision maker

At times like this, your wife will experience contractions that make it difficult to think clearly. Well, your role here is very necessary. As a decision maker, you must be able to think wisely and be flexible.

If your wife's condition is not in accordance with the delivery plan that you have discussed, it is advisable not to insist on it. Listen to the doctor's statement about your wife's condition, then make the best decision.

If necessary, discuss the possible emergency conditions with your wife, before the time of delivery. This can help you make decisions when you need them later.

4. Prepare the equipment you need

Don't forget to prepare the equipment you need while waiting for your wife to give birth, such as food and drinks. There is a cafeteria or canteen available at the maternity home, but it can reduce your time with your wife in the delivery room.

You are also advised to bring toiletries, change of clothes, money, and bedding. Lastly and most importantly, prepare your mentality so that you can accompany your wife in childbirth calmly.

To help you help your wife feel calmer and more comfortable during childbirth, you can also take advantage of the services of a professional birth attendant (doula). That way, you can focus on providing support for your wife, while the more technical things can be conveyed by the doula.

Having the opportunity as a wife's companion during childbirth can be a special moment for you and your wife. Do the preparations above so that the delivery process goes smoothly as expected. Congratulations on being a father!

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