Recognizing 5 Causes of Difficult Concentration and How to Overcome It

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Recognizing 5 Causes of Difficult Concentration and How to Overcome It
Recognizing 5 Causes of Difficult Concentration and How to Overcome It

Difficulty in concentration can interfere with activities and productivity throughout the day. Well, so you can focus and concentrate again, there are various easy ways to deal with it. What are the ways? Come on, see the answer below

Difficulty in concentration can be said to be normal if it only occurs occasionally. However, if it happens repeatedly, you also need to deal with it immediately. This is because disturbed focus and concentration can hamper activities and have an impact on work productivity.

Recognize 5 Causes of Difficulty Concentration and How to Overcome Them - Alodokter

Various Causes of Difficulty Concentration

Understanding the various causes of difficulty concentrating can help you figure out how to deal with it. The following are some of the things that can cause difficulty concentrating:

1. Multitasking habit

Doing multiple tasks simultaneously or multitasking can break your concentration. This is because the brain can and will only function better when completing one task at a time.

In fact, multitasking habits can make you less efficient and more likely to make mistakes at work.

2. Lack of sleep

Sleep plays an important role in supporting the work of the brain to focus when doing something. This is what makes a person tend to have difficulty concentrating and be easily distracted when doing something when he lacks sleep.

If allowed to continue, lack of sleep can also affect your memory skills.

3. Bored with tasks

Boring tasks can make it easy to get distracted. To overcome boredom, try to take a short break and do other fun activities. For example, making hot tea or coffee, chatting with work colleagues, or stretching.

4. Busy with gadgets

Gadgets can indeed facilitate daily activities. However, excessive use can have an impact on decreasing cognitive ability to solve problems. In the end, this can affect brain function and make it difficult for you to concentrate.

5. Habit of overthinking

Overthinking or the habit of thinking too much at one time can also affect focus or concentration. For example, thinking about the same problem over and over again or the worst that could happen.

In addition to making concentration difficult, overthinking can also increase anxiety, affect mental he alth, and cause insomnia.

Tips to Increase Concentration

To keep your concentration and productivity awake, there are some tips to improve concentration that you can try, namely:

Limit gadget usage and focus on one task

Avoid doing something difficult at the same time and make a priority list of the tasks to be done. Choose a task that needs to be completed immediately or want to be done first so that your concentration is not divided.

Set also the time to use the gadget. If you feel the need, turn off or turn off cellphone notifications so you can concentrate more while working.

Enough sleep

Although lack of sleep can affect concentration, too much sleep can have a negative impact.

In order to concentrate optimally, try to sleep for at least 7 hours every day and start sleeping at the same time every day. If necessary, use the alarm to remind you to go to bed and wake up.

Apply a he althy diet

Make sure you get enough portions of food with a balanced nutritional intake. This is because hunger and lack of nutrients can also interfere with brain function and concentration.

During a he althy diet, you are also advised to limit the intake of foods that have a high glycemic index, because they can cause blood sugar levels to quickly rise and affect your focus.

In addition to the various tips above, exercising regularly also has benefits in increasing concentration, and even reducing stress.

To keep your concentration optimal, don't forget to give your brain time to rest on the sidelines of busyness so that the brain can then more easily accept new information and process it properly.

If you have applied various ways to overcome difficulty in concentrating above, but you still find it difficult to concentrate, it is advisable to consult a doctor to get an examination and treatment that suits your condition.

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