Various Benefits of Earthworms for the Environment and He alth

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Various Benefits of Earthworms for the Environment and He alth
Various Benefits of Earthworms for the Environment and He alth

Earthworms may be considered disgusting to some. However, who would have thought this worm can provide various he alth benefits. Not only that, its presence is also good in creating an ideal ecosystem for plants to grow

As the name implies, earthworms are mostly found in moist soil. Its long shape with a soft body texture, makes anyone who sees it feel disgusted and amused.

Various Benefits of Earthworms for the Environment and He alth - Alodokter

However, who would have thought that behind its disgusting shape, there are various benefits that can be provided, both for the environment and for he alth.

Earthworm Benefits for the Environment

Earthworms play an important role in increasing the availability of nutrients to form a nutritious soil layer. Worms do this by consuming microorganisms and mineral particles present in the soil.

This allows the soil inhabited by earthworms to have a more loose structure and fertile quality.

In addition, earthworms also have the ability to improve drainage or groundwater distribution, by making tunnels in the soil. The aisle functions as a water channel, so the soil can absorb more water.

Another benefit of earthworms is controlling and overcoming soil pollution. This is because earthworms are organisms that are able to detect the development of soil pollution in which they live. For example, soil pollution due to heavy metal contamination.

In the future, earthworms will increase nutrition and fertilize the soil again, so that plants can grow he althily and are safer for human consumption.

Earthworm Benefits for He alth

In addition to being good for the environment, earthworms also have benefits for the he alth of the human body, including:

1. Become a source of nutrition for the body

Despite living in a fairly dirty environment, who would have thought that earthworms could actually be a source of nutrition for the body. This type of worm contains many vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B complex, iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and amino acids.

With this abundant nutritional content, it is not surprising that earthworms are often eaten as a nutritious food ingredient and a source of protein, for example by the people of India.

2. Overcoming inflammation in the body

Earthworms also act as natural remedies to treat inflammation in the body. This benefit comes from the content of antioxidants and compounds in the body of earthworms that have anti-inflammatory effects so that they can prevent and treat inflammation.

3. Overcoming nervous system disorders

In addition to being able to reduce inflammation, earthworms can also overcome disorders of the nervous system. According to research, extracts of the Lumbicrus rubellus type earthworm can improve the function of the nervous system and accelerate the regeneration process of damaged nerves.

4. Overcoming typhus

Earthworms are also known to be able to overcome typhus. Several compounds in the stomach of the earthworm Pheretima javanica are known to have anti-toxic and antibiotic effects that can fight the bacteria Salmonella typhi that causes typhus.

However, it is important to remember that the he alth benefits of earthworms above still need further research. This is because there are still limited data and clinical trials in humans.

The existence of earthworms does have many benefits that cannot be underestimated. Even so, earthworms can also cause disease.Therefore, if you have certain medical complaints, you are advised to consult a doctor first before consuming earthworms.

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