Here are 3 Important Reasons Babies Need to be Breastfed Every Night

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Here are 3 Important Reasons Babies Need to be Breastfed Every Night
Here are 3 Important Reasons Babies Need to be Breastfed Every Night

When you have a baby, you may feel that you often lack sleep. One of the reasons is because you have to breastfeed your little one at night. While it can be exhausting to have to get up in the middle of the night to breastfeed, there are important reasons why babies need to be breastfed every night

In general, babies feed every 1.5-2, 5 hours, both at night and during the day. However, in the early weeks of life, your little one will suckle 6-8 times per day with erratic time lags.

Here are 3 Important Reasons Babies Need to be Breastfed Every Night - Alodokter

1. Babies Need Milk for Their Growth

Babies need a lot of milk intake to support their growth, especially when they experience a growth spurt at the age of 2 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, and 6 months. During this growth spurt phase, babies can suckle every 30-60 minutes with a longer feeding duration.

In addition, if your little one is born with a small body, he also needs to be breastfed frequently so that his weight and growth can reach normal. Mothers are recommended to breastfeed their little one every 2 hours, it doesn't even matter if you have to wake him from sleep to feed.

2. Breast Milk at Night Contains More Tryptophan

Breast milk (ASI) at night contains more essential amino acids called tryptophan that babies need to grow normally. In addition, tryptophan is in charge of helping the production of the hormone serotonin in the little one's body which is believed to have a positive impact on the baby's sleep quality and mood stability.

3. Helping Babies to Sleep

Don't be surprised if your newborn baby often falls asleep on your mother's chest after feeding. In fact, breastfeeding a baby is indeed one way to put a baby to sleep. By breastfeeding your little one at night, he can sleep more soundly.

Actually there is no exact number of times a baby should be fed at night. Mother can breastfeed her little one before she sleeps and when she suddenly wakes up.

However, there are times when babies don't want to be breastfed when they wake up if they are still full. What's more, if he suckles too much during the day. Therefore, if your little one has a habit of getting up at night, try not to breastfeed him too often during the day. As an additional tip, it's best to avoid bathing your baby immediately after feeding.

Well, now you know the benefits of breastfeeding your baby at night, right? So that your mother is always physically fit, take advantage of every free time during the day to rest or sleep while your little one sleeps. Keep the spirit, Mother, in breastfeeding the Little One.

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