Ego VS Love, What Effects on Your He alth?

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Ego VS Love, What Effects on Your He alth?
Ego VS Love, What Effects on Your He alth?

In a love relationship, there will always be twists and turns of problems that must be faced. There are people who are still concerned with their own ego, there are also those who always succumb in the name of love. Did you know that they both have a negative impact on he alth?

Creating a pleasant romantic relationship with your partner is important every time. To achieve this, you can't be selfish all the time.

Ego VS Love, What Effects on Your He alth? - Alodokter

And vice versa, always giving in for the sake of the happiness of the partner also cannot build a harmonious relationship. This type of relationship style can trigger imbalances in the relationship and lead to divisions.

Selfish Attitude Will Erode Your Love

Self-centered attitude is generally considered a dishonorable attitude because it has the principle of wanting to win on its own. If one of you always prioritizes your own needs over your partner's, puts forward your own views, and doesn't want to accept your partner's opinion for no apparent reason, of course this risks threatening the continuity of your love relationship.

Not only that, blindly selfish attitude can also make couples who face it become stressed. Constant stress cannot be underestimated. Besides the risk of triggering anxiety and depression, stress can also trigger headaches, digestive disorders, and even heart disease.

So, is there really no need to be selfish in a relationship? Not really, sometimes a selfish attitude can be judged positively if it has good intentions and is placed in the right conditions. This attitude is usually done because it will benefit you and your partner.

For example, when you are full, you prefer to watch a movie by yourself rather than accompanying your partner to shopping. This decision can sound selfish. However, you do it because you need some alone time so your mood doesn't get worse. Prioritizing yourself is not something selfish, really.

Love Doesn't Mean You Have to Always Give Up

You always succumb to various problems just to make your partner happy? It's also not good in a relationship. The reason is, in achieving a he althy and balanced love relationship, both partners must be open to each other and willing to share opinions on any issue.

People who always succumb in the name of love often feel depressed and are at risk of experiencing he alth problems, such as stress and depression. In addition to feeling depressed, this type of person also tends to be underestimated by their partners.

Tips for a He althy Relationship

In order to achieve a he althy and balanced love relationship, here are some tips that you can do with your partner:

Maintaining communication

Communication is an important element to create a he althy romantic relationship. The communication in question is conveying what is in your heart and also listening to what your partner has to say.

If you're feeling upset, tell me what's causing your annoyance. Likewise, when he is sad and tells stories, listen to all his complaints and understand his feelings.

Improve each other

Often a person does not realize his shortcomings because he feels he has been accepted by his partner.In fact, every actor in the relationship must always introspect and correct each other's shortcomings. This business can also be greatly assisted with good communication, you know.

Take time for relationship

Try to spend some time with your partner. You can go to tourist attractions or have dinner together. This is very important because spending time together is believed to strengthen emotional bonds and rekindle love in a relationship.

An unhe althy relationship can have an impact on the he alth of each person who is in it. Instead of bringing happiness, this kind of relationship brings more problems to life. In fact, there are many things that can be improved to lead you and your partner towards a he althy and balanced love relationship.

If you feel that this conflict is difficult to resolve or has caused prolonged stress, you can consult a psychologist to get another point of view in dealing with the problems you are facing.

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