6 Things You Can Ask Your Partner to Make Your Relationship Last

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6 Things You Can Ask Your Partner to Make Your Relationship Last
6 Things You Can Ask Your Partner to Make Your Relationship Last

Before entering into a marriage bond, it may not be convenient for you to ask your partner personal things, such as his sexual life history or his current financial condition. However, did you know that these things are actually important to ask?

There are some sensitive questions to ask a couple before marriage, but it's really important that there are no misunderstandings after you get married.

6 Things You Can Ask Your Partner To Make Your Relationship Last - Alodokter

Even so, you must respect your partner's privacy. Don't let him feel uncomfortable. Explain to him why you need to ask this. If your partner refuses to answer a question you ask, respect his decision and don't force him.

How to Make Your Partner Open in Answering These 6 Questions

To make it easier to start a conversation, choose the right time. Do not let you ask when your partner's mood is not good. Even when the time is right, you should not go straight to the main discussion. Try starting with a light conversation first.

When your partner can be invited to chat comfortably, then you ask the following 6 things.

1. History of sexual life

Your sexual life with your partner is very important for you to talk about. If he has had sex before marriage, you can ask him these things, namely:

  • Has your partner ever been or has a risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI), and has he or she been screened for it?
  • Has he ever had treatment or medication for an STI?
  • Has your partner taken steps to prevent STIs?
  • How many people have he had sex with?

If he or you have had sexual intercourse, there is nothing wrong with having an examination to detect sexually transmitted diseases, so that you are both protected from these diseases.

By asking this to your partner, you can perform sexual activities more calmly after marriage. Not only that, your child will not be at risk of contracting this disease.

2. Debt history

When you are married, you not only share love, but also share we alth and dependents.So that you have a more complete picture of your financial planning after marriage, ask him if he currently has debts. If there is, also ask why he owes money.

It is possible, your spouse's debt history can adversely affect your chances of getting a loan from a bank in the future.

3. Plans to have children

It is important for you to share your thoughts about children, such as whether you want to have children immediately after marriage and how many children you would like to have. If you intend to delay pregnancy, ask her if she has any objections to using contraception.

Plan for the worst that could happen, for example if one of you or both of you have fertility problems. You can also discuss how to care for and educate your children later, for example whether you will apply your parents' upbringing pattern or avoid such parenting.

By building this plan, you and your partner can prepare various things for your child's needs, from pregnancy to after he is born.

4. Plan to realize dreams together

This discussion can be quite a fun discussion session, because you can plan and imagine the household you want to build in the future. You are free to dream, but set realistic goals. If necessary, set targets. For example, in the next 5 years you can buy a house.

5. Willingness to understand each other

Ask him what he wants you to understand better. It could be that all this time you have not fully understood your partner as a whole person.

For example, you always complain when your partner is stiff towards your friends or he is not fun enough. In fact, your partner's character is quiet and he often feels tormented when he has to pretend to be fun in front of everyone.

When you understand your partner better, any differences can be resolved more easily, because the key to a lasting relationship is openness and willingness to understand each other.

6. Attention expected

Ask your partner if you have given him enough attention. If he feels that you are not paying attention or you are too attentive to the point where he feels constrained, don't get emotional just yet, okay? Ask him what kind of attention he wants.

It could be that you always answer the phone briefly with the excuse of being busy, or even keep calling him to find out where he is and what he is doing. If you are wrong, admit it was wrong and apologize. However, if you have a good reason, please state your reasons carefully, so that your partner will also understand.

The approach period before marriage should be used as a moment to familiarize yourself.So, don't hesitate to ask questions that really need to be asked. Even so, ask in a kind way, so as not to offend or feel uncomfortable, okay.

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