Tips for Maintaining Marriage After Cheating

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Tips for Maintaining Marriage After Cheating
Tips for Maintaining Marriage After Cheating

Infidelity is one of the most common causes of divorce. When you find out that your partner is having an affair, it's like you are faced with two choices, keep the marriage or separate. What to do when choosing to keep a marriage?

It must be painful to know that the person you love turns out to have the heart to turn to another. However, for some reasons, you may think that keeping the marriage is the best way to go instead of breaking up. However, restoring the trust that has been tarnished will certainly take effort.

Tips for Maintaining Marriage After Cheating - Alodokter

A psychologist has revealed that married couples who have neither emotional nor sexual attachments are more prone to infidelity. But that doesn't mean this only happens to unhappy marriages. In fact, infidelity can also happen in a happy marriage.

Tips for Maintaining Marriage After Cheating

If you think your partner deserves a second chance, especially if you regret what you did and are determined not to do it again, the following tips might help improve your relationship with your partner:

Discuss everything with a cool head

Give your partner the opportunity to express everything that is on his mind and mind. He will probably talk about the third person who decorates your household, the reasons for turning away, and household problems.

Hearing this must have made you angry. However, take a deep breath and calm yourself down for a moment. Avoid commenting or making decisions when you are angry.

Take a moment

After listening to all the explanations, there is no need to rush to express your opinion. Calm yourself first so you can think wisely. Use this time to evaluate what really caused the affair.

Rebuilding trust

It's not easy to trust your partner again after being cheated on. It feels like there is always doubt in my heart when I hear her words.

Give time for yourself and your partner to be able to reconcile, and continue domestic life. Ask your partner to be honest and open about what's on their mind. Cultivate positive thoughts that the bitter past is a life learning process.


If you want to keep your marriage after you have been betrayed, you must learn to forgive. Always remember the beautiful things you've been through with him, like when you first met, fell in love, then finally landed on the aisle. Keep positive memories and new commitments because they can keep your marriage intact.

Rebuilding a marriage after an affair cannot be done by one party. You and your partner must work together to maintain the marriage and as much as possible to create a he althy marriage.

Don't hesitate to ask a psychologist for help to undergo marriage counseling if you feel you can't find a way out. A psychologist can help you and your partner see issues from different perspectives, build trust, strengthen bonds, and of course avoid divorce.

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