6 Ways to Get Rid of Stress to Be Happier

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6 Ways to Get Rid of Stress to Be Happier
6 Ways to Get Rid of Stress to Be Happier

So that stress is not prolonged and you are happier, there are various ways to relieve stress that can be done. This is important to know because if left unchecked, stress not only interferes with the quality of life, but also triggers various he alth problems

Stress doesn't always mean something negative. Under certain conditions, stress can also provide benefits, including encouraging you to complete tasks faster before the deadline.

6 Ways to Relieve Stress to Be Happier - Alodokter

However, if allowed to drag on, high and sustained stress levels can actually interfere with daily life and trigger various he alth problems.

Various Ways to Get Rid of Stress To Be Happier

If you often feel stressed, especially prolonged stress, you should try to do stress management properly so that you can feel more calm, comfortable, and happy.

Here are various ways to relieve stress that can be done so that you can be happier and stay he althy:

1. Doing activities you like

One of the most effective ways to relieve stress is to do activities that you enjoy. Try doing activities that make you lose track of time and feel happy while doing them, such as writing, fishing, reading books, coloring, and watching Korean movies or dramas.

If you find it difficult to choose a fun activity, you can try something new that you've never tried before, such as painting, gardening, and taking a dance class or flower arrangement class.

2. Move actively and exercise regularly

When you are feeling stressed, you should not be alone for too long or lock yourself at home. As much as possible try to keep exercising, for example walking, jogging or running, cycling, dancing, or swimming.

When you move a lot or exercise, your body releases natural stress-reducing hormones or endorphins. That way, you will feel more relaxed, calm, and sleep more soundly. These hormones can also make your mood better so that stress can be more easily overcome.

3. Listening to relaxing music

Listening to relaxing music can also be an effective stress reliever. This is because soft music can relax the body and lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormone levels.

Not only soft music, you can also listen to your favorite music genre to deal with stress.

4. Do relaxation techniques

When you are under stress, you can also try relaxation techniques, such as yoga or meditation. Many studies have shown that yoga and meditation can relieve anxiety and depression symptoms, improve mood, and fight negative thoughts.

Not only that, meditation and yoga can also help you more easily to calm your mind and focus.

5. Get enough rest

For some people, stress may cause sleep deprivation or sleep deprivation. If this continues, you may become more stressed, less energetic, and have difficulty concentrating or focusing on daily activities.

Stress and lack of sleep can also increase the risk of many serious he alth problems, such as cardiovascular disease, depression, and obesity.

If you are stressed and have trouble sleeping, try to create a calm and comfortable sleep atmosphere, for example by dimming the bedroom lights or turning on aromatherapy. Don't forget to always get enough sleep every night for at least 7-8 hours.

6. Spending time with friends or family

Sometimes stress will be difficult to handle alone. When you're already having trouble dealing with stress alone, you can seek support and help from friends or family.

Various studies have shown that people feel calmer, more comfortable, and better able to deal with stress when they spend more time with friends or family. By regularly socializing, you will also not feel lonely.

Prolonged stress can have an impact on physical and mental he alth. If the ways to relieve stress above are not effective in dealing with the stress you are experiencing or if it gets worse until you show symptoms of certain mental disorders, don't hesitate to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist, OK.

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