7 Man's Mistakes in the Household

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7 Man's Mistakes in the Household
7 Man's Mistakes in the Household

There are a number of male mistakes in the household that may often occur without realizing it. Although sometimes considered trivial, this mistake must be avoided if you do not want to cause turmoil in a marriage

Not only good for married life, knowing what mistakes you often make in the household and then fixing them can have a positive impact on he alth, you know. One of them, free from psychological problems that often arise due to disputes in the household.

List of Male Mistakes in the Household

The following are some common mistakes men make in the household:

1. Too dominant

In many ways, husbands are often dominant, for example deciding where to eat, where to go on vacation, where to go to school, or even just what color or model the wife should wear. This can make the wife feel pressured and feel unappreciated.

Therefore, husbands need to understand about the division of roles in the household, include their wives in all decision-making, ask their wives for their opinions, and support their wives to be themselves as long as they do not go outside the norms of marriage.

2. Less jealous

According to research, it's hard for a man to get jealous over small things, for example when his wife glances at him or forms an emotional attachment to another man. In fact, this is one of the secrets of a woman, which is to be jealous from time to time by her partner.

By showing jealousy, your wife may feel that she is important in your eyes. Jealousy that is done according to normal limits can also be a seasoning in the household, you know.

3. Selfish in bed

Men are sometimes too hasty during sex. In fact, women take longer to be excited and aroused before men penetrate. Too hasty can make the wife feel that she is only needed to satisfy biological desires.

Try to always do foreplay before making love, and do it with love. That way, your wife will feel loved, so she will feel more intimate with you.

4. Do not tell the problem to the wife

Most men probably don't like to talk about their problems for fear of being seen as weak or complaining. In fact, telling the problem you are facing to your wife is very important.That way, your wife feels included and is considered an equal companion in your life.

5. Spending money without wife knowing

Recognizing it or not, men often make themselves the leaders in the household. Yes, it's not wrong. However, the status as a leader does not make the husband allowed to act as he pleases without involving the wife's approval, especially regarding money matters. Get in the habit of always discussing first with your wife before spending money on certain things.

6. Insensitive

Women are often silent or only code body language when they are upset with a man's behavior. Unfortunately, men are less able to recognize and understand the meaning of these signals.

Well, now try to be more sensitive to your wife's feelings and changes in her attitude, for example if her movements are not as cheerful as usual. Guaranteed, your wife will be happy if you do what she wants without having to be told first.

7. Not being a good listener

When your wife is talking about her problems, listen to her every word and don't forget to respond with empathy. Women really like it when their feelings are understood when she is pouring her heart out.

Unfortunately, men tend to try to provide solutions and express opinions that are based on facts. This attitude will actually make women even more annoyed, because actually they just want to be heard and understood, not looking for solutions or being "lectured".

Making mistakes is a very human thing, especially in a relationship. However, if men's mistakes in the household continue to be made, the impact will be bad for the he alth and harmony of the household. Before the condition gets worse, try to consult a psychologist for a marriage counseling session.

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