4 Female Arousal Methods that Men Must Know

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4 Female Arousal Methods that Men Must Know
4 Female Arousal Methods that Men Must Know

To make sex even more exciting, there are various methods of female stimulation that men need to know. Not only achieving sexual pleasure, the right stimulation can also increase the intimacy between you and your partner

A study reveals that men are generally more visually aroused. For example, when you see your partner wearing sexy clothes or giving a seductive look.

4 Methods of Stimulating Women That Men Must Know - Alodokter

However, it is different with women. Most women tend to need physical touch as sexual stimulation. This is what makes women usually take longer to build their sexual desire.

How to Stimulate Women Naturally

It is important for men to understand how to stimulate women to enjoy each other's love moments. Well, there are several ways you can do to make your partner feel more passionate and quickly aroused, namely:

1. Create a comfortable room atmosphere

Romantic room atmosphere can increase emotional intimacy, thus making women more relaxed and enjoy sexual activity more.

You can light aromatherapy candles, sprinkle flowers on the bed, or play romantic music. For men, this method may seem trivial, but many women like it.

2. Give massage and gentle touch

When the room atmosphere is supportive, you can start giving a gentle touch on the body parts that are sensitive areas for women, such as behind the ears, lower back, inner thighs, and nape.

Not only touch, you can also give a gentle massage so that your partner feels more relaxed and builds sexual arousal.

3. Give a warm kiss

In addition to touch, you can increase your partner's sexual arousal by giving a warm kiss. You can start by kissing her lips, then kissing other sensitive parts such as the neck, shoulders, breasts, stomach, to around the intimate area.

While kissing him, you can also whisper seductive words in his ear. It can also increase his sexual desire

4. Do a variation of foreplay

Touch and kisses are actually part of foreplay. However, you can try other variations of foreplay to make your partner more aroused, such as fingering or playing with your fingers in the clitoral area or performing oral sex.

This method is known to be very effective in stimulating women, it can even encourage them to reach orgasm.

In addition to the above methods, you can also stimulate your partner by taking them to take a bath together, watching romantic movies, or using sex toys or sex toys.

You also need to remember that communication is one of the important things in sex. You can ask your partner about how he feels or wants sex to increase his passion.

When women get sexual stimulation, the blood vessels in their intimate organs will widen and increase blood flow in that area. This will trigger the vagina to secrete its natural lubricant. This is a sign that you can start to penetrate.

If you feel that you have provided enough sexual stimulation to your partner, but are not able to develop sexual desire, it does not mean that you are not good at it or that your partner does not like what you are doing.

The reason is that women can become less passionate and find it difficult to enjoy intimate relationships when they are anxious, stressed, or exhausted. In addition, certain conditions or diseases, such as diabetes, hypogonadism, menopause, or PCOS, can also make it difficult for women to become sexually aroused.

You can also consult a doctor or psychologist if the various ways to stimulate women above don't work. Don't forget to always accompany your partner, because not all women are comfortable talking about intimate issues, especially when it comes to their psychological condition.

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