How Important is Crawling in Babies?

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How Important is Crawling in Babies?
How Important is Crawling in Babies?

Crawling is one of the important stages in a baby's development that needs attention. Because crawling is the baby's first step in developing his or her ability to move independently

In general, babies will start learning to crawl a few months after they are able to roll over. Crawling is an exercise that babies need to strengthen and prepare the body's muscles for later walking.

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Understanding the Function of Crawling in Babies

Usually babies will start crawling when they are 6-10 months old. Gradually your baby will learn to balance his hands and knees. Then he will move back and forth, until finally when he was one year old, he was able to crawl to various corners of the house.

Crawling is a unique experience to train the coordination of baby's body movements, which will later help him in performing various more complex activities, such as eating, wearing clothes, walking, and exercising. Not only that, crawling can also train babies' visuospatial abilities, namely the ability to see and recognize objects, and remember their location.

Although crawling is an important basic stage in baby's motor development, don't be careless when the baby is free to crawl anywhere. Make sure he is in a safe area, so he doesn't get injured by objects around him.

How to Help Babies Learn to Crawl

There are several ways that parents can help their baby learn to crawl, namely:

  • Take time for tummy time or tummy time

    This is very important because the prone position can strengthen all the muscles in the baby's body, especially the neck, shoulders and head. can later help him learn to crawl.

  • Teach the baby to reach for objects or objects placed around himYou can start by putting a toy or object he likes in a place not far from his reach, then fishing him to reach for the object. This can help his motor development. However, make sure there are no dangerous objects in the vicinity

  • Remove all items that could be dangerous to the baby

    Make sure there are no items that could potentially harm or injure the baby while learning to crawl. For example, furniture and items made of glass, hard, or heavy.

  • Avoid baby walkers

    Baby walkers are devices designed to make it easier for babies to walk. However, the use of this tool also carries a high risk of causing injury to the baby, especially if it is not fully supervised by parents.

The speed of development of babies can indeed differ from one another. There are babies who can start learning to stretch at the age of 6 or 7 months, but there are also those who just start crawling when they are 8 to 10 months old. Even some babies may not go through the crawling process and can walk faster.

However, if your baby has reached the age of 12 months and does not show any effort to crawl or move, and does not show good hand-foot coordination when moving, you should consult a pediatrician.

Crawling is one of the baby's growth and development processes that parents need to pay attention to. Please consult your pediatrician further if your baby seems to have a delay or difficulty crawling.

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