This is a comfortable position when breastfeeding that is worth a try

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This is a comfortable position when breastfeeding that is worth a try
This is a comfortable position when breastfeeding that is worth a try

Breastfeeding is not as easy as one might think, especially for new mothers who face babies crying while breastfeeding. Sometimes it is confusing to find the right position, so that your little one no longer cries. Therefore, let's know the comfortable position when breastfeeding

Knowing the right way to breastfeed is not a trivial matter or just a matter of convenience. With the correct breastfeeding position, breast milk (ASI) will come out more easily. Not only that, the baby can also suckle properly because it attaches perfectly to the mother.

This is a comfortable position when breastfeeding that is worth a try - Alodokter

Know Six Comfortable Breastfeeding Positions

Here are some breastfeeding positions that you might choose and practice:

1. Laying position 1

This position will allow your baby to lie comfortably between the curves of the arms while breastfeeding. Of course, to be comfortable during breastfeeding, try to find a comfortable seat. Then, place a pillow or soft mat on your lap to place the baby. Only after that, place your baby on the pillow and support the baby's head with the curve of the arm on the side of the breast that the baby will be feeding.

2. Laying position 2

This position is actually almost the same as above. The difference from this position is that after placing the baby on the pillow in your lap, here you use both hands and arms opposite the position of your baby's head to support his head while breastfeeding

3. Reclining position

This position is also the most comfortable position because it doesn't make you sore compared to the position in the easy way. Lie on your back with your back supported by a pillow. Then, put the baby on top of you.

4. Side lying position

If you feel tired with the above position, you can also try lying on your side. This position is considered to be able to help you relax more and not disturb the baby who is sleeping while breastfeeding. To try this position, you simply lie on your side and position parallel to the baby. Then turn the baby's head towards the breast with a slight curl.

However, lying down like this can make it easier to fall asleep while breastfeeding. So, be careful not to crush your baby when you fall asleep.

5. Twin baby feeding position

Breastfeeding twins can be confusing for the mother.However, there are several positions you can try when breastfeeding twins. One of the positions that can be done is to sit in a comfortable position and then place a comfortable pillow in your lap. Then, ask the closest person to help put your two babies on the pillow. Place the two babies in each of your arms, then point the baby's head towards your breast.

6. Koala position

You can try this position when your child is strong enough to sit up. The trick is to place the child on the lap of one of your thighs in a sitting position, and facing one of your breasts. Gently support the neck so that your baby feels comfortable while breastfeeding.

In addition to the breastfeeding position, there are important things that you also need to pay attention to, namely the position of the baby when feeding. Avoid bending the baby's body position because it can cause problems for the baby's neck and back.

It is widely known that breast milk has all the nutrients a baby needs.Not only that, breastfeeding is also beneficial for the mother. A study shows that giving breast milk to babies, either by direct breastfeeding or by expressing breast milk, can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.

Therefore, don't give up on breastfeeding even though it may be quite a hassle sometimes, especially for new mothers. Try some breastfeeding positions that are comfortable for your baby and of course also comfortable for yourself. If you still find it difficult, take advantage of the lactation consultation service at the nearest he alth facility.

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