Benefits of Hugging for He alth and Happiness that You Don't Miss

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Benefits of Hugging for He alth and Happiness that You Don't Miss
Benefits of Hugging for He alth and Happiness that You Don't Miss

Although it looks easy and simple, hugging has tremendous benefits, both for body he alth and to increase happiness. Therefore, don't waste the opportunity to be able to hug with your partner, family and people closest to you

A study says, cuddling has a similar function to breastfeeding. That's because hugs make the body release the hormone oxytocin, a hormone associated with feelings of happiness. It's no wonder that hugs give a close feeling between mother and baby, especially during breastfeeding.

The Benefits of Hugging for He alth and Happiness that You Don't Miss - Alodokter

A Row of Hug Functions You Don't Know About

So many uses of hugs that may be useful for us. Let's explore together here:

  • Being the key to a harmonious relationship

    Hugging can provoke the body to release the hormone oxytocin, which can make you feel more calm and comfortable, thus helping the relationship between couples feel more harmonious. Therefore, the more often they hold hands or hug, the more likely they are to love each other more.

  • Makes a person feel safe and protected

    There is plenty of evidence to suggest that adults who hug and cuddle from a young age can have lower stress levels than adults. who did not receive hugs as a child.Physical contact in adults is also considered to be able to reduce stress in their lives, even if it is just a little touch.

  • Cultivating positive feelings

    Another benefit of hugging is that it creates positive feelings for anyone who does it. As long as you are comfortable, cuddling can form a bond and trust. Cuddling helps you feel secure, because the bond in a hug creates a sense of protection, which makes you feel more positive and calm.

  • Strengthening the immune system

    Feel calm, comfortable, and away from stress due to hugging, has a good effect on the immune system, so the body is stronger in dealing with various causes of infection

  • Good for heart he alth and relieve stress

    Heart he alth may be able to get positive benefits from hugging activities.This is because hugging is predicted to reduce cortisol levels. This hormone is produced by adrenaline when a person is under pressure or stress.

Although there is no standard for how much to hug, try to hug as often as possible, so that the benefits you can feel are even greater. Starting from its benefits to reduce stress, improve the quality of relationships with partners or girlfriends, to make the body he althier. You can also try certain hug positions, such as spooning.

Considering the various benefits that can be obtained from hugging, there is nothing wrong if fellow family members and close relatives start a culture of hugging to express affection.

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