Mom, Cooking With Your Little One Has Many Benefits

Mom, Cooking With Your Little One Has Many Benefits
Mom, Cooking With Your Little One Has Many Benefits

Cooking yourself at home has many advantages for the whole family. One of them is making all family members eat food that can be ascertained its nutritional value, cleanliness, and he alth

In addition to the above advantages, cooking food at home can prevent children and teenagers from becoming obese. Foods produced by themselves from home kitchens are generally guaranteed to be he althier with lower calorie content than snacks outside the home.

Mom, Cooking With Your Little One Has Many Benefits! - Alodokter

This activity is also good to do as housework that can train children's independence and skills.

Surprising Benefits of Cooking with Your Little One

Not only is it fun and strengthens the bond between Mother and Baby, there are many benefits that your Little One can get when cooking with Mother, including:

  • Build confidence and cooking skills

Cooking with children turns out to be beneficial for their lives later. They will find it easier to build self-confidence and have a he althy lifestyle as adults. Cooking can also be used as a skill that promises their future.

  • Stimulating the senses

Cooking with your little one at home can help him get to know new foods and stimulate other senses besides the sense of taste. Children can learn to listen to the sound of the oven, knead dough, to smell the aroma of cakes.

  • Learn

Children can also learn math concepts such as counting, measuring, and fractions which are generally listed in recipe notes. Parents can explain how temperature can change the texture of food, or how certain foods can make the body he althy, can add to their knowledge. Don't forget to use new vocabulary in explaining or describing the taste of a food to your little one, Mom.

  • Quality time

In addition, inviting your little one to cook and eat together can also reduce their time playing gadgets or sitting in front of the TV. By cooking together, parents and children can enjoy quality time together. In addition, of course, children will also feel involved and contribute to the family.

What to Watch before Cooking

So that cooking yourself at home is not in vain, you need to pay attention to the following things:

  • kitchen cleaning

Did you know that the kitchen is the location of the most germs in the house? Unmitigated, it turns out that the kitchen sink can have germs up to 100 thousand times compared to conditions in the bathroom. Rows of disease-carrying germs, such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Campylobacter, enter the kitchen through raw food. If not handled properly, don't be surprised if the various germs above spread everywhere.

  • Treat ingredients properly

Make sure the mother gives an example to the little one how to produce he althy food. One thing you must get used to is to process the food until it is cooked so that the germs in the food will die.

Mothers also need to teach them to wash vegetables and fruits before cooking or consuming them. In addition, how to store food cannot be done carelessly so as not to cause he alth problems, such as food poisoning, colds, flu, and diarrhea.

  • Personal hygiene

One of the things that is trivial, but often forgotten to do properly is washing hands. Hands are the most important medium of our body that can spread germs, so it is important to wash hands as clean as possible to reduce the risk of spreading germs. Wash your hands with warm water and soap before cooking, after touching leftovers, and before and after touching raw food.

  • Keep children safe

When taking children, several factors related to their safety must also be considered. If your little one is still of preschool age, make sure they are kept away from electric shakers, stoves, pans, and hot fryers. So that they forget about their curiosity about dangerous objects above, keep them busy with light tasks, such as setting the table or kneading dough.

  • Keep patience

Don't be afraid of a messy kitchen when you invite your kids to cook. To keep this activity fun, you should loosen the kitchen rules that must always be neat. Mother can give her one task in every cooking menu. Also teach your little one not to run around while in the kitchen and always ask for permission if you want to use a knife or electric cooking utensil.

To be sure, Mother must be more patient when facing the 'chaos' that may occur. Don't forget to keep encouraging your little one when he can't do the task that Mother gave him.

Well, Mother, take the time to cook with the Little One, so that he and Mother can become closer. After that, invite your little one to taste the results of his cooking, prepare it, and eat together with other family members.

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