5 Ways of Foot Reflexology Based on the Benefits for the Body

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5 Ways of Foot Reflexology Based on the Benefits for the Body
5 Ways of Foot Reflexology Based on the Benefits for the Body

Foot reflexology is often done to relax muscles and relieve soreness. Well, this type of reflexology can also be done yourself at home, you know. Want to know how? Read the explanation here

Foot reflex is an alternative medicine method by pressing certain points on the foot area. Therapists believe that these reflection points represent the condition of certain organs and limbs. For example, the left big toe represents the left side of the head or the right big toe represents the right lung.

5 Ways of Foot Reflexology Based on the Benefits for the Body - Alodokter

Although its effectiveness is not known for certain, foot reflexology is believed to have a certain effect by improving the flow of energy in the body called chi. Foot reflexology can also be used to relieve nausea, anxiety, constipation, and insomnia.

Foot Reflexology Technique Based on Its Benefits

There are several foot reflexology techniques that you can learn by learning them. Each technique is generally tailored to the purpose you want to do reflexology. Here is the explanation:

1. Eliminate sore feet

Walking long distances or wearing high heels can make your feet feel sore. One way to relieve the soreness that appears is with foot reflexology.

Sit in a comfortable chair, then place your left foot on your right thigh. Next, you can perform the following foot reflexology steps:

  • Massage the whole foot using the thumb of the right hand.
  • After that, massage each toe using your thumb and forefinger in a circular motion.
  • Pull one toe to the right and the other to the left. Do this movement for 1-2 minutes.
  • Hold all the toes in one grip, then bend them towards the sole of the foot and the back of the foot alternately.
  • The last step, press the entire surface of the foot and shake it.

If all the foot reflexology techniques have been followed, you can do it on the other side of the foot.

2. Relieves the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Research shows that foot reflexology can relieve PMS symptoms, such as low back pain and headaches. The trick is to press one of the curves of the foot with one hand, precisely on the edge of the surface of the foot.

Next, press the center of the big toe with the other hand. This massage is believed to relax the ovaries, uterus, and the hypothalamus gland in the brain.

3. Makes sleep better

Foot reflexology is also known to make the body more relaxed and reduce stress, so that you can sleep more soundly at night. You can do foot reflexology by pressing the instep between the big toe and the other toe firmly and deeply. You can apply pressure at this point for 3 minutes.

4. Relieves anxiety and depression

Research shows that foot reflexology can relieve anxiety and depression. The following are foot reflexology steps to relieve anxiety and depression:

  • Bend your toes towards the sole of the foot.
  • Next, find a small indentation on the sole of the foot and massage this part with your thumb.
  • When massaging, make sure the other hand grips the top of the foot so that the pressure is even stronger.
  • After one leg is finished, reflect on the other leg.

5. Relieves back pain

If you want to relieve back pain, press the point of the arch of the foot with your thumb. Next, move your thumb up and down along the curved point.

This foot reflexology is known to give better results for relieving back pain than back massage.

In general, foot reflexology is considered safe. However, the thing you need to remember, foot reflexology cannot replace medical treatment. Also, avoid reflexology if you have circulatory problems, gout, and blood clotting disorders.

If you want to treat certain he alth conditions with foot reflexology, make sure the therapy is carried out by a trained therapist. However, if foot reflexology is not able to overcome the complaints you are experiencing, consult a doctor so that appropriate treatment can be carried out.

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