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Don't Miss These 8 He althy Weight Loss Drinks

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Don't Miss These 8 He althy Weight Loss Drinks
Don't Miss These 8 He althy Weight Loss Drinks

There are a variety of he althy drinks that can be consumed to lose weight, from vegetable and fruit juices, green tea, to simple water. Besides making you feel full longer, this he althy drink is also good for preventing various diseases.

Consumption of high-fiber foods and regular exercise is often done to lose weight. However, not only from food and physical activity, you can also consume he althy drinks to get the ideal weight.

Don't Miss These 8 He althy Weight Loss Drinks - Alodokter

These he althy drinks are usually low in sugar and calories and contain a variety of nutrients and are high in fiber, so they can have a full effect and suppress appetite.

He althy Drink Choices for Weight Loss

There are various choices of he althy drinks that you can consume to lose weight, namely:

1. Water

Not only he althy, water is the most practical and easiest to consume he althy drink. As a he althy drink, water does not contain calories or sugar which can increase the risk of weight gain.

A study states that drinking 1.5 liters of water every day for 8 weeks is believed to be able to lose weight. Water can also increase the body's metabolism.

To get the benefits of plain water, you are advised to drink 2 glasses of water before eating to give a full effect and prevent you from eating excessive portions.

If you are bored with the tasteless taste of plain water, you can add lemon slices or make infused water.

2. Vegetable juice

Vegetable juice has the same nutrition as fruit juice. However, vegetable juices contain fewer calories when compared to fruit juices. One cup of tomato juice contains 40 calories, while a cup of orange juice has 120 calories.

Besides that, vegetable juices also contain lots of fiber, so they can help you control your hunger.

3. Fruit juice

Although it has higher calories than vegetable juice, fruit juice can still be a he althy drink for your diet program. However, avoid consuming packaged fruit juices which usually have added sugar or artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

You are recommended to process the fruit yourself to make juice using a blender or juicer. Also make sure that the fruit juice you consume is not added sugar or sweetened condensed milk.

4. Soy milk

Soy milk is a he althy drink choice for weight loss, because it is low in calories and high in nutrients. It is recommended that you consume soy milk that is low in fat and has been fortified with vitamin D and calcium.

Soy milk can also be an option for those of you who have lactose intolerance. Not only that, soy milk can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and heart disease.

5. Low fat milk

The advantage of low-fat milk is that it contains less fat than whole milk. Therefore, you can choose low-fat milk as a he althy drink to lose weight.

6. Green tea

Green tea is a he althy drink that is free of calories and rich in antioxidants. Besides being able to lose weight, the antioxidant content in green tea can also reduce the risk of various diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, liver disease, and heart disease.

To get the benefits of green tea, you are advised to consume it 2 times a day. If you prefer sweet green tea, avoid adding sugar and use honey instead.

7. Coffee

For those of you who are trying to lose weight, coffee can be a he althy drink choice for consumption. It is recommended that you consume unsweetened coffee or add nonfat milk.

However, you are not advised to drink coffee in excess, just two cups per day. In addition to losing weight, coffee can also provide other benefits, namely reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and impaired liver function.

8. Smoothies

Making smoothies from a mixture of fruits, such as strawberries, bananas, and blueberries can be a he althy and delicious drink choice for your diet. You can add low-fat milk in your smoothies to make them look thicker.

Avoid consuming packaged smoothies, as they generally have added sweeteners and ice cream which make them high in calories.

You can consume the various types of he althy drinks above to lose weight and maintain an ideal body weight. However, also include the consumption of nutritious food and regular exercise.

If it is still difficult to get to your ideal weight after trying he althy drinks and exercising regularly, you can consult your doctor for advice on the right diet for you.

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