Don't Silently Experience Sexual Harassment, Here Are Tips To Deal With It

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Don't Silently Experience Sexual Harassment, Here Are Tips To Deal With It
Don't Silently Experience Sexual Harassment, Here Are Tips To Deal With It

Not a few victims of sexual harassment choose silence and keep the sad incident to themselves. The reason may be due to shame, fear of being blamed, or being threatened by the perpetrator. In fact, this can have an impact on mental and physical he alth, you know

Sexual harassment is any sexual act that is forced or threatened on the victim, whether it be verbal, physical, or certain signs that make them feel offended, humiliated, even intimidated.

Don't Silently Experience Sexual Harassment, Here Are Tips To Deal With It - Alodokter

There are various forms of sexual harassment, ranging from rape, seductive behavior, such as catcalling, or touching the victim's body without permission, to displaying pornographic material or forced sexual desires. Sexual harassment can be experienced by anyone, both children and adults.

The Impact of Sexual Harassment

Being a victim of sexual harassment is a disaster that can cause severe psychological trauma. Not a few victims of sexual harassment suffered physical and mental injuries after this heartbreaking incident.

However, not everyone who has experienced sexual harassment has the courage to speak up. After experiencing sexual harassment, a person may experience some of the following signs or symptoms:

  • Easy to anger
  • Feeling afraid or insecure
  • Feeling guilty or self-loathing
  • Has trouble sleeping and anxiety
  • It's hard to trust others

In addition, victims of sexual harassment who do not get help are also at high risk for various psychological problems, such as depression, PTSD, to the risk of suicide. Many women who are victims of sexual harassment also become pregnant as a result of these actions.

Tips for Dealing with Sexual Harassment that Befalls You

For those of you who have experienced sexual harassment, try to forgive yourself and don't close yourself off to endure this disaster alone. So that your condition can gradually recover, there are several tips for dealing with sexual harassment that you can do, including:

1. Dare to act right away

If you feel harassed by anyone and anywhere, don't be afraid to dare to take a stand at that time. You may be able to confront the person who misbehaved directly by reprimanding them or fighting them.

However, if you are really alone, try to stay away and run to find a safe place, then ask for help from people around or contact the closest person or the authorities for the incident.

2. Tell those closest to you

Experiencing a traumatic event, such as sexual harassment, is certainly not an easy thing to deal with, especially if you are dealing with it alone. Try to tell the closest people you can trust and ask for their support.

After telling your stories, you can also ask them to accompany you to seek help from the authorities, doctors, or psychologists. This is also important, so that you can find a way out when facing sexual harassment.

3. Take psychiatric counseling

Sexual harassment can cause the victim to experience various psychological disorders, such as trauma, fear, severe stress, anxiety disorders, and sleep disorders. The problem can only get worse if left untreated.

Therefore, victims of sexual harassment are recommended to undergo counseling to a psychologist or doctor to restore their mental condition. When undergoing a counseling session, the victim will receive psychotherapy so that his mental condition can recover.

4. Report the incident to the authorities

The most important thing to do when you experience sexual harassment is to report the incident to the police.

Women who are victims of sexual violence can visit Komnas Perempuan for further assistance. Meanwhile, if the victims of sexual abuse are children, this incident can be reported to the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI).

Tell us everything that happened when the sexual harassment was committed, such as the place, time, characteristics of the perpetrator (or if you know the perpetrator, you can mention his name), and what the perpetrator said.

By reporting this to law enforcement, the perpetrators will be arrested later and will be processed according to law. This is also important so that the perpetrator does not do the same thing to other people.

For victims of sexual harassment who have an unwanted pregnancy, they can also undergo an abortion after receiving a verdict from the court.

It is not easy to forget a traumatic event, such as sexual harassment. However, by taking the steps above, it is hoped that you can avoid serious mental he alth problems.

If necessary, consult a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist to find the right way to recover from trauma after a sexual harassment incident.

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