Exercise When Menstruation Increases Pain? Read the Facts Here

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Exercise When Menstruation Increases Pain? Read the Facts Here
Exercise When Menstruation Increases Pain? Read the Facts Here

Some women may think that exercise can make menstrual pain worse. In fact, that's not the case, you know. Exercise during menstruation or not both have good benefits for the body

During menstruation, there are usually various complaints that make women forced to be absent from work or school. These complaints include headaches, muscle and joint pain, mood changes, fatigue, breast pain, cramps and flatulence.

Exercise During Menstruation Increase Pain? Read the Facts Here! - Alodokter

Exercise Doesn't Aggravate Menstrual Pain

Various studies have shown that exercise before or during menstruation does not have an impact on the severity of menstrual pain. Quite the opposite. Exercise during menstruation can help prevent or reduce PMS symptoms and menstrual pain.

This is because when you exercise, your body will release endorphins that can reduce pain, including menstrual pain. In addition to reducing pain, endorphins can also relieve cramps due to uterine muscle contractions during menstruation.

Besides that, exercise can also improve your mood or mood that easily changes when you are menstruating. In fact, complaints of headaches or back pain during menstruation can also be relieved by exercise, you know.

Suggested Exercises During Menstruation

On the first to third day of menstruation, usually the blood that comes out is profuse, causing discomfort to move. Even so, don't make this an obstacle to exercise, okay.

There are several exercise options that you can do during your period, including:


Yoga can relax the body and reduce menstrual symptoms, such as cramps, breast pain, and muscle aches. This is all thanks to yoga movements that focus a lot on the muscles around the pelvis, which usually cramp during menstruation. Yoga-style breathing techniques are also good for making the muscles of the body more relaxed and flexible.


In addition to increasing heart strength, aerobic exercise is also beneficial for general he alth and increases the body's ability to optimize the use of oxygen from the air we breathe.

Aerobic exercises that can be done during menstruation include brisk walking, cycling, or aerobic exercise.

Casual walk

A leisurely walk can be one of the sports you choose during your period. The benefits of a leisurely walk are quite diverse, ranging from relieving cramps, headaches, to breast pain.

Not only that, mentally, taking a leisurely walk can also help reduce stress and mood swings, so you don't get angry and emotional in the face of something.

If you feel that your body is not fit like when you are not menstruating, don't force yourself, okay? Try to take time to rest and reduce the intensity and duration of your usual exercise.

However, remember. This exercise should not only be done during menstruation. You are still advised to exercise regularly at least 3 times a week with a minimum duration of 30 minutes each time you exercise.

Exercise brings a variety of he alth benefits, including menstruation. Therefore, you are still advised to exercise even though you are feeling certain symptoms. However, if the menstrual symptoms get worse when you exercise, don't force yourself and consult a doctor, OK.

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