6 Food Choices for Fast and He althy Hair Length

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6 Food Choices for Fast and He althy Hair Length
6 Food Choices for Fast and He althy Hair Length

Not only care from the outside, lengthening hair also requires care from the inside. You can do this by eating nutritious foods that can accelerate hair growth and keep it he althy

Hair will naturally grow 1 cm per month or about 15 cm per year. Even so, everyone's hair growth can be different, depending on age, genetics, hair type, hormones, stress, diet, and certain he alth conditions or diseases.

6 Food Options to Grow Hair Fast and He althy - Alodokter

If you want to grow your hair out, there are various methods you can try, such as hair extensions. However, there is also a natural way to grow hair that is known to be safer and he althier, namely by eating nutritious foods.

Various Choices of Food for Hair Length

A he althy and balanced diet can support hair growth, especially if you experience hair loss due to nutritional deficiencies. Well, to treat and lengthen hair from the inside, there are several food choices that you can consume, namely:

1. Lean meat

In order for hair to grow fast and he althy, you need to eat foods rich in protein, such as lean meat. Protein and amino acids play an important role in promoting hair growth while strengthening hair follicles so that hair doesn't fall out easily.

In addition to protein, meat is also rich in B vitamins, such as folate and biotin, nutrients that are also important for hair growth. For maximum benefit, choose lean meats, such as skinless chicken breast or low-fat beef.

2. Egg

Not only meat, eggs are also known to support hair growth and prevent hair loss. This is thanks to the protein, omega-3 and B-complex vitamins such as biotin, in eggs.

3. Spinach

Spinach is one of the vegetables that contains many important nutrients, such as folate, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C. All of these nutrients play a role in supporting growth and maintaining hair moisture, so hair grows fast.

4. Fish

In addition to meat and eggs, fish is also known as a source of animal protein which is good for he alth and hair growth. Fish is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 which are good for hair he alth.

Some types of fish that are good for you to consume to grow your hair are salmon, tuna, tuna, and freshwater fish.

5. Guava

Guava can also be a good food consumed to lengthen hair. This fruit contains a lot of vitamin C which is needed to support hair growth in the follicles while preventing hair from becoming brittle and falling out.

6. Cinnamon

One of the benefits of cinnamon is to improve blood flow in the body, so nutrients and oxygen can reach the roots or hair follicles better. Thanks to these benefits, cinnamon can be consumed as a food for hair lengthening.

In addition to being consumed as herbs or food ingredients, you can also use essential oils made from cinnamon extract as a serum to lengthen hair.

In addition to eating foods that can support hair he alth and growth, you can also lengthen your hair by using a natural hair mask. For example, by using organic coconut oil (virgin coconut oil), olive oil, argan oil, or castor oil.

The method is quite easy. You just need to apply the oil on your hair and scalp, then massage and leave it on for 30-60 minutes. After that, wash your hair using shampoo and clean water.

Avoid Things That Can Inhibit Hair Growth

So that hair growth is not hampered, you also need to pay attention to your daily habits. The reason is, there are several habits that can damage hair and inhibit its growth, namely:

  • Use of styling tools, such as hair dryers, straighteners, or curlers
  • Frequently shampooing and combing hair
  • Use of hair care products made from harsh chemicals
  • Habit of coloring hair with hair dye
  • Prolonged stress

If you have followed the various ways to lengthen your hair above, but have not succeeded in lengthening your hair to the maximum, don't hesitate to consult a doctor. That way, you can find out the right type of hair care and according to your condition.

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