6 How to Thicken Hair Naturally

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6 How to Thicken Hair Naturally
6 How to Thicken Hair Naturally

Hair often falls out and looks dull? You don't need to worry, because there are natural ways to thicken your hair that you can try at home. That way, you can achieve beautiful, he althy and shiny hair

Everyone's hair texture and thickness can be different, depending on heredity, age, hormones, nutritional intake, to hair styling habits. In addition, hair texture can sometimes change due to the side effects of certain drugs or diseases.

6 Ways to Thicken Hair Naturally - Alodokter

Hair that is thin and easy to fall out often causes discomfort for the owner. Well, to overcome this, there are various ways to thicken hair at home. Not only good for hair he alth, this method is also good for maintaining the he alth of your scalp.

Various Ways to Thicken Hair

To treat and thicken hair naturally, there are several ways you can try, namely:

1. Choosing the right shampoo

The important thing that you need to apply to thicken your hair is to choose the right shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type and condition. The reason is, using the wrong shampoo can actually cause hair damage, so that hair can become even more dry and fall out.

To thicken hair, you should avoid shampoo products with harsh chemicals, such as ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, or shampoos that contain fragrance. This is because these harsh chemicals can damage the hair and scalp.

To make your hair he althier and thicker, you should also not wash it too often. Shampooing is enough to do 1-2 times a day or when the hair is dirty and feels oily.

2. Limiting the use of hair styling tools

To thicken your hair, it's best to limit the use of styling tools, such as dryers, straighteners or curling irons. Using these tools too often can cause hair to become more brittle and fall out easily.

If you want to use a hair styling tool, such as a straightener or hair blower, it is recommended that the temperature of the appliance be set below 150o Celsius.

3. Avoid direct sunlight on hair

Not only skin, hair must also be protected from direct sunlight so it doesn't get dull, damaged, and easily fall out. Therefore, when you are outdoors, it is recommended that you protect your hair from sun exposure using a hat or umbrella.

4. Using natural ingredients

You can also use natural ingredients to thicken your hair and keep it he althy. Some natural ingredients that you can use are aloe vera, olive oil, and coconut oil.

Aloe vera contains active ingredients, various vitamins and minerals, as well as he althy fatty acids that can strengthen hair, promote he althy hair growth, nourish the scalp, and even repair damaged and dry hair.

Olive oil is also effective for thickening dry and thin hair. This oil has been used for a long time to maintain moisture and softness of the hair, as well as strengthen the hair so that the hair is not easily brittle and fall out.

Coconut oil contains fatty acids that can absorb into the hair and replace lost hair protein. Applying coconut oil to your hair regularly before and after shampooing can protect your hair from damage and promote the growth of thicker and he althier hair.

5. Sufficient nutritional needs for hair

Not only hair care from the outside, thickening hair also needs to be supported from inside by fulfilling a balanced nutritional intake.

In order to grow strong, he althy, and protected from damage, hair needs nutrition, especially protein, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin B. including biotin.

Various intakes of these nutrients can be obtained from various types of food, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, fish, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, seafood, and eggs.

6. Reducing stress

The release of the hormone cortisol due to excessive stress can cause hair to fall out and become thinner. Therefore, you should manage stress well, for example by exercising, spending time with friends or family, listening to music, and taking yoga or meditation classes.

If the various ways to thicken hair naturally above are not effective in dealing with the hair problems you are experiencing, consult a doctor so that the right examination and treatment can be carried out to thicken your hair.

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