Preparation for Childbirth for Prospective Mothers

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Preparation for Childbirth for Prospective Mothers
Preparation for Childbirth for Prospective Mothers

Preparation for childbirth needs to be done long before the time of delivery. The reason is, there are so many things that pregnant women must pay attention to in order to welcome the arrival of their beloved baby, such as choosing a hospital or maternity clinic, as well as the desired method of delivery

The period of pregnancy that is getting closer to the due date (HPL) may make pregnant women confused with the many preparations that need to be done, especially if this is their first pregnancy.

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Therefore, in order for the delivery process to run smoothly, it is better for pregnant women to know and record carefully what provisions need to be prepared before the day of birth arrives.

Various Childbirth Preparations to Do

Below are various preparations for giving birth that pregnant women need to do to welcome their baby:

1. Choosing a doctor and hospital

This is an important thing for pregnant women to prepare long before the day of birth. Pregnant women can start by looking for information about the right obstetrician for delivery from the beginning of pregnancy.

The choice of a doctor will then affect the choice of hospital, because generally pregnant women can only choose the hospital where the doctor practices. Some information related to hospitals and doctors that pregnant women need to know before giving birth include:

  • Schedule and place of obstetrician practice
  • Hospital rules and atmosphere
  • Hospital facilities, such as room and delivery room
  • Distance from house to hospital

In addition, if pregnant women have a risky pregnancy, they need to determine whether the hospital provides a newborn intensive care unit or NICU, and whether the medical personnel at the hospital are ready to perform medical actions, such as caesarean section.

2. Prepare things to bring

Preparing items that need to be taken to the hospital during childbirth also needs to be done ahead of time, so that these items will not be forgotten or left behind.

Here are some items for pregnant women and their little ones that need to be taken to the hospital before birth:

  • Comfortable clothes for childbirth
  • Tie or clip hair
  • Toiletries
  • Underwear change
  • Watches, to see how often pregnant women experience contractions
  • Books or magazines, or other items that can make pregnant women feel calm before giving birth
  • Breastfeeding Bra
  • Special sanitary napkins for childbirth, at least 2 or 3 packs, to absorb a lot of blood that comes out after giving birth
  • Baby items, such as clothes, diapers, blankets, gloves, socks, and bassinets

Meanwhile, husbands or people who will accompany pregnant women during childbirth need to prepare things, such as:

  • Change of clothes.
  • Sandals.
  • Snacks and drinks.

3. Knowing different ways of giving birth

There are various methods of giving birth and each of these methods can be adapted to the pregnant woman's condition and the fetus's preferences or the pregnant woman's preferences, if the pregnancy is not problematic.To determine the safest delivery method, pregnant women can consult a doctor during an obstetrical examination.

Here are some options for giving birth for pregnant women to consider:

    Normal delivery

Most women feel they have become full mothers when they can give birth to their children normally. Learning to regulate breathing by attending childbirth classes can help pregnant women's normal delivery process run more smoothly.


Although cesarean section is basically performed due to certain medical conditions, there are also pregnant women who prefer to give birth by this method, for example because they are afraid of experiencing the pain of normal labor contractions.

    Water birth

Although it is not clear, several studies have shown that the water birth process can minimize the occurrence of severe tears in the vagina and perineum, and can increase blood flow to the uterus.

However, this method of delivery is generally not recommended because further research is needed to determine the benefits and risks.

4. Discuss with partner

Discussing with your partner is also an important thing to do before the delivery process. Make sure the pregnant woman's husband knows when the expected day of birth is, so that when the pregnant woman experiences contractions and needs help, the pregnant woman's husband is ready.

In addition, tell the pregnant woman's husband what to do when the pregnant woman begins to experience labor pains, for example by massaging or rubbing her back or using a warm water bottle covered with a towel for compresses.

With good cooperation between pregnant women and their partners, the process of giving birth and after giving birth is expected to run smoothly.

5. Consult a doctor

Around the time of delivery, pregnant women should also consult an obstetrician to ensure the recommended delivery method. If it's safe to have a normal delivery, pregnant women can ask what to do when they start feeling labor pains or contractions.

In addition, pregnant women can ask about the signs of labor and when they need to go to the hospital to give birth, so that pregnant women don't have to wait long in the hospital until delivery can be done.

The point is, pregnant women don't need to hesitate to consult a doctor if there are things that pregnant women don't understand about giving birth, especially before the birth of their little one. This is important to ensure that Bumill can prepare for childbirth properly.

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