The Importance of Recognizing Suicide Prevention Methods

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The Importance of Recognizing Suicide Prevention Methods
The Importance of Recognizing Suicide Prevention Methods

How to prevent suicide is important to know, because this can happen to people close to us. People who are suicidal often plan it secretly. So, we also need to recognize the signs, so that we can prevent suicide as soon as possible

Suicide is an act of someone to end his life. In Indonesia, the death rate due to suicide is estimated at 1,800 cases per year. This action can occur in all age groups, both adults, elderly, teenagers, and children.

The Importance of Knowing How to Prevent Suicide - Alodokter

About 90 percent of suicides are triggered by psychological problems or mental disorders, such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders. In addition, people who are victims of violence or abuse, including sexual harassment, are also at risk for suicide.

Recognizing Signs Someone Wants to Suicide

The following are some of the signs that someone contemplating suicide might show:

  • Often talks about the anxiety he experiences
  • Often talk about death
  • Feeling hopeless and having no passion for life
  • Easy to get angry all of a sudden
  • Loss of appetite to lose weight
  • Difficulty sleeping and often feel sad, anxious, or stressed
  • Withdrawing from daily activities and other people, including family
  • Keeping or using illegal drugs (drugs)

In addition, another sign that is the most dangerous is when someone says farewell to those closest to them and engages in activities that risk their lives or attempt suicide.

Suicide Prevention Measures

When someone you know shows signs of wanting to end their life, there are several steps you can take to prevent suicide, including:

1. Invite him to discuss and be a good listener

A person who wants to commit suicide is usually experiencing a serious problem. Therefore, your role is very important in opening a warm conversation, so that he will share stories related to what he is feeling.

When he is pouring out all his complaints, never immediately offer a solution, let alone advise him.Keep quiet and be a good listener, as this will make him feel comfortable and show that you care about the problems he's going through.

2. Help solve the problem as best you can

A person who has suicidal thoughts suffers a lot emotionally. Suicide is considered the only way out for those who cannot face their own problems. Therefore, try to offer any help he might need.

Reassure him that you will help the problem at hand as best you can. If the problem is considered big enough, you can involve your relatives and family to participate in solving the problem.

3. Don't let him be lonely

Because suicide is often carried out in secret, as much as possible do not leave him alone. Accompany him all the time so that unwanted things don't happen.

In addition, get rid of all items that are considered dangerous, such as firearms, sharp weapons, or drugs that are in the vicinity. That way, this can reduce both the desire and the desire to commit suicide.

4. Take him to see a psychologist or psychiatrist

If indeed your efforts have not succeeded in changing his intention or attitude to commit suicide, the only best way you can do is take him to see a psychiatrist or psychologist.

Later on, a psychiatrist or psychologist will provide treatment depending on the underlying cause of his suicidal thoughts and behavior.

Basically, suicide prevention in a person can be handled well as long as his family and friends care to help and find a way out of the problems faced by that person.

By knowing the signs of someone wanting to commit suicide and the following preventive steps as above, it is hoped that there will not be a heartbreaking event for those closest to you.

Even if you are feeling suicidal or have suicidal ideation, consult a psychiatrist or psychologist for proper help and treatment.

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