7 CHAPTER Streamlining Foods to Overcome Constipation

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7 CHAPTER Streamlining Foods to Overcome Constipation
7 CHAPTER Streamlining Foods to Overcome Constipation

Difficult bowel movements (BAB) or constipation is a common condition. The good news, consumption of bowel-stimulating foods can often treat this condition effectively without drugs. Find out what are the most effective bowel-stimulating foods to overcome constipation

The onset of constipation or constipation can be caused by several factors that cause the bowel movements to not run smoothly, ranging from lack of drinking, poor diet, to lack of active movement. However, the food factor plays a big role in this.

7 CHAPTER Streamlining Foods to Overcome Constipation - Alodokter

If allowed to drag on, constipation can cause very disturbing he alth problems. To prevent it, constipation needs to be controlled with a consistent he althy lifestyle, especially by consuming foods that facilitate bowel movements.

Variety of CHAPTER Smoothing Foods to Overcome Constipation

If you do have difficulty defecating, don't rush to take laxatives to overcome it. In fact, most people with mild constipation don't need medication.

As a natural treatment, you can increase the consumption of bowel-stimulating foods that are rich in fiber. Here are some types of high-fiber foods that are effective for treating constipation:

1. Green vegetables

Green vegetables, such as spinach, cabbage, and broccoli, are high-fiber foods that are good to eat when you are constipated. The fiber contained in green vegetables can increase the volume and soften the stool, so that the stool is easier to pass from the intestine.

2. Apple

Apple contains a water-soluble fiber called pectin. When it reaches the intestines, the pectin in apples is immediately converted into short-chain fatty acids that can draw water into the large intestine, thereby softening the stool. In addition, pectin is also known to increase bowel movements so that it can speed up stool excretion.

3. Kiwifruit

Studies say that consuming 2 kiwifruits daily for four weeks can result in faster and spontaneous bowel movements. Not only that, the fiber and enzymes in kiwi can also soften stools and increase bowel movements, making bowel movements easier and smoother.

4. Whole wheat bread

If you like to eat bread, try replacing your bread with whole wheat bread. This bread contains more fiber and complex carbohydrates so it can soften stools. If you buy packaged bread, make sure to choose bread that is labeled 100% whole grain.

5. Sweet potato

Like apples, sweet potatoes also contain pectin. In addition, sweet potatoes contain a lot of insoluble fiber in the form of cellulose and lignin. This type of fiber can help bowel movements by increasing the volume of stool so that it is useful in launching a bowel movement for people with constipation.

6. Kefir

This fermented milk drink, which is similar to yogurt, is known to contain probiotics that are good for digestive he alth. Studies show that consuming kefir can help increase the amount of water in the stool and make it easier for stool to pass during a bowel movement.

7. Chia seeds

Chia seed has long been used as a traditional medicine to treat constipation because it is very rich in fiber. When in contact with water, chia seeds will turn into a gel that can soften stool and make it easier for stool to move along the large intestine until it comes out.

In addition to those mentioned above, there are also several other bowel-stimulating foods that are good for consumption to treat constipation, ranging from oatmeal, flaxseeds, soybeans, chickpeas, berries, citrus fruits, figs, to almonds and nuts. peanuts.

In general, with a change in eating patterns that are he althier and nutritionally balanced, the process of defecation will also feel easy and smooth. However, you also have to adopt a he althy lifestyle, namely by getting enough fluids, exercising regularly, managing stress well, and getting enough sleep.

If constipation does not improve even though you have eaten various types of defecation-stimulating foods, or your bowel movements feel very uncomfortable and painful, consult your doctor immediately to get safe and appropriate treatment.

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