The Importance of a Baby Car Seat for Safe Driving with Your Little One

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The Importance of a Baby Car Seat for Safe Driving with Your Little One
The Importance of a Baby Car Seat for Safe Driving with Your Little One

For safe driving, the use of seat belts is not ideal for babies. Therefore, a special baby car seat is needed or a car seat that has been specially designed, according to the size and weight of the baby. See a more complete explanation in this article

Putting on a standard baby seat belt that is already installed in the car or holding the baby is not the right choice, even in the back seat. This still puts the baby at risk for fatal injuries in the event of an accident.

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The Importance of Using a Baby Car Seat

Wearing a seat belt that is supposed to be for an adult can cause injury to the baby, especially to the chest and abdomen, in the event of an accident. Meanwhile, holding the baby can increase the risk of the baby slipping out of his hands, being pinched, hitting the dashboard, smothering in an air bag, or even falling against the windshield.

Therefore, for the best protection for the baby in the car, it is highly recommended for parents to have a special baby car seat. In fact, children are actually only said to be safe using a regular seat belt when they are 10-12 years old. Even then he may still need a booster or support so that the seat belt is in the right position.

Besides, babies' bodies tend to be vulnerable to even small shocks, especially in the event of an accident.A baby car seat can better support a child's head, neck and spine, so this can reduce the risk of injury in the event of a minor shock or a major shock.

In one study it was found that infant car seats were able to reduce the risk of serious injury by more than 70% in children younger than 1 year and by more than 50% in children aged 2–4 years. This chair can also reduce the risk of the child falling and dying in an accident.

Selecting and Placing Baby Car Seats

When you are going to buy a car seat for a baby, you must buy one that is suitable for your little one's age, height, and weight. However, some types of infant seats can be rearranged to suit the increasing height and weight of the child. Regardless of the type, make sure it meets safety standards.

For more details, here are some things to consider when choosing a car seat for your little one:

  • Pay attention to the maximum capacity of a chair. Do not place the child in a chair that does not match his weight and height.
  • Make sure that the lower seat belt runs between the thighs and stomach, not the stomach, while the upper belt goes across the chest, not the neck.
  • Make sure the baby seat has a safety test certification label.
  • Select seats with rear-facing seats or seats that can be turned back and forth.
  • It's better to buy a new baby car seat, rather than using a used one, unless you can make sure all the hooks and belts on the seat are still functioning properly.

After choosing the right baby car seat, you also need to place this seat correctly. Pay attention to the following:

  • Follow the instructions in the baby car seat installation manual and your car's user manual.
  • Infant car seats should always be placed at the back.
  • Facing the chair towards the back.
  • Once installed, make sure the baby car seat doesn't sway back and forth.
  • Try putting your little one in the car seat that has been installed and make sure the seat safety is properly attached to the body.

When taking your little one for a ride, be careful and monitor their movement regularly through the rear-view mirror. In addition, try not to drive alone so that someone will accompany your little one in the back seat during the trip.

If you have to drive alone, it is recommended to put personal items such as bags between the back seats, so that you will open the back seat when you get out of the car. This is important to do to reduce the risk of the baby being left alone in the car due to not focusing or forgetting.

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